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Hello, Can anyone tell me where I can find out how the Scouts sign up for merit badge classes or how much any some of them cost? Or do they just sign up for them when they get to the Jamboree? Thanks, for any information you can give me.



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This will be the first Jamboree I have attended, so I'm not the best of information. There are others here who have been and can answer better. There is a merit badge midway at Jambo that will represent most if not all MB's. My impression is that they are more for introducing a boy to an MB and do provide some hands on activities tp spur his interest and might even help accomplish some requirements. However, Jambo is not summer camp. The boys will have tons of activities to do and sitting in MB classes is not one of them to my knowledge. If so, they did a poor job of communicating that to us contingent leaders.

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I found this on the BSA's Jamboree web page.


Close to 100 booths will fill the Merit Badge Midway. The midway will feature many exciting hands-on activities for Scouts. It is designed to stimulate their interest in a wide variety of merit badges, including Auto Mechanics, Skiing, Communications, Energy, Aviation, and Computers. Scouts will have an opportunity to practice many skills related to the merit badges. They may meet some of the requirements of the badge at the jamboree and then complete the requirements at home.



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There is no pre signup for MB's at NSJ. You must be a registered paid participant, go to the MB Booth's you want to do , show Jambo ID and sign-up. Its first come, first served, and the popular ones fill up quick.


But don't go to Jambo to do MB's, Go there for all the things there is too do. This is not summer camp where MB's are the theme. If there is a special one that you want that you cannot get at home, then by all means take it. The MB counselors there are all first rate experts and do a super job, But don't make MB's the reason for attending Jambo.


In 01 we encouraged the scouts in our NSJ troop to pick one unusual one and do it, like Rail roading, space, Atomic science....

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Hi. I'm supporting the First Aid Merit Badge operation on the Merit Badge Midway at the 2005 National Jamboree. Here are a few items that might help you:

- Merit Badge Midway is located adjacent to the Public Parking Area.

- It will be open for merit badge instruction during the scheduled "Activity" sessions, daily from 9:00am - 5:00pm, with a lunch break [except for Sunday, when it opens after lunch because of morning Chapel activities.

- Each Merit Badge is sponsored by somebody (Army, Air Force, volunteers, etc.) and they determine how to schedule classes and counseling to support the individual Merit Badge requirements.

- Generally, you'll find that these activities are either free for the Scout-participant, or might require a small fee for materials (it varies, but normally the sponsor covers this in most cases).

- They are normally "first-come/first-served," so I highly recommend you tell your Scouts to seek out the Merit Badges they need/want and if possible, show up; sign up [Aviation MB requires an orientation class, which is taught three times per day, followed by individual counseling with a pilot, for instance]; and get it done.

- Some requirements are very difficult to meet at the Jamboree. Some MB's might require more time to complete than the Scout wishes to spend at the Jamboree. They can receive partial credit to take home with them, or they can complete many on-site.

- For First Aid Merit Badge, for instance (Army-sponsored with American Red Cross assistance), we'll be operating in a round-robin fashion, where Scouts who know their First Aid might be able to complete their MB requirements in a day. Others might take a little longer...

- Remember that the Merit Badge Midway is open to day-trippers as well (local Troops who bring busloads of Scouts to this activity). This means it would be best for your Scouts to get what they need to do at their Subcamp, and then get over to Merit Badge Midway right after lunch on the first day.

- I know this will just be one of hundreds of things to do, but remember that First Aid Merit Badge is required for Eagle... Enjoy.

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Thanks for all of ya'lls information. It has really helped. My son was told there would be a scuba diving merit badge. Do you know of any information on it.




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I would correct one thing. This time we have been told MB midway will only be open to paid participants. There was a lot of complaints in 01 and previous years that paid participants were being cut out of activities by day trippers, some of which came almost every day. They are closing a lot more stuff to daytrippers this time


I know some may disagree with this, but the scouts that paid to attend should not have to compete with non paying attendees

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Yup. I read that.


One reason that Merit Badge Midway gets a lot of day-tripper traffic is it's the first thing they see when they come out of the Public Parking Area.


As usual, we plan to follow the rules of those we're supporting...

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This will be my seventh Jamboree and have always managed a booth at the Merit Badge Midway. Check out our website www.emeritbadges.org for photos, instructional material for the Electricity and Electronics Merit Badges, Jamboree Weather and Jamboree Directions. The Midway is on the East End of the Public Parking Area and it is open to viewing by the general public. To the best of my knowledge since 1981, the Midway has only be open for registered scouters to work on the merit badgess. This year I will be managing the Electronics Merit Badge Booth. Look for the pink flamingoes at each corner of our 1,400 sq. ft. booth.

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Here is the list of merit badges offered to participants at the 16th National Scout Jamboree:


American Heritage






Auto Mechanics



Bird Study




Citizenship in the Nation

Citizenship in the World


Coin Collecting




Crime Prevention


Disabilities Awareness




Emergency Preparedness




Environmental Science

Farm Mechanics


Fire Safety

First Aid

Fish and Wildlife Management


Fly Fishing





Indian Lore

Insect Study

Landscape Architecture



Mammal Study




Music and Bugling


Nuclear Science



Personal Fitness



Plant Science


Public Health

Pulp and Paper




Reptile and Amphibian Study

Rifle Shooting


Shotgun Shooting

Small-Boat Sailing

Snow Sports

Soil and Water Conservation

Space Exploration

Stamp Collecting



Traffic Safety

Veterinary Medicine


Wilderness Survival

Wood Carving


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