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I will be in Sub-Camp 11, Troop 1113. I will be the Scoutmaster watching everyone doing their jobs. I most likely be in camp most of the time, so Acco40, you should be able to stop and see me, since we are so close together.



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Action Center D here.. we have to be there on the 21st. Apparently they are now asking that we in Action Center D arrive a day earlier on the 20th so we can open on Monday instead of Tuesday because somebody's troop is coming early (Eamonn;))


But I still wont be there until the 21st because my plans are set in stone and I will be in upstate New York on the 20th.

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Dancin fox and Acco

boy my boys are in sub camp 11. It's also fairly closeto where I'm at. I planned on going over to see their camp so I may just stop by and say hi to you guys also.



*Edited because one letter appeared to be a typo and that typo made it look inappropriate* (This message has been edited by a staff member.)

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