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Attending as a Visitor - Any Suggestions

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You might want to checkout the Jamboree web-site.

Everyone in your group will need a photo ID.

It is very hot in VA, when isn't raining.

When it rains it pours.

Wear comfortable shoes, you will do some walking.

The heat and humidity can take their toll on people who are not fit or have heart problems.

As a Jamboree SM, I have asked our parents not to request that their son waits for them in the camp site. We had one Lad last time waste an entire day waiting for his parents, they arrived ,late got lost and he wasted a full day just hanging out waiting for them. We leave an adult in one of our two sites almost all of the time. We try to have some idea which way the Lads are heading but once they leave the site after breakfast we don't expect them back till supper time and they can be any where.

If you are staying at a local Motel offers of doing laundry will be taken up!!

I know one Scoutmaster who loves homemade cookies as long as they aren't peanut butter.

There are places to buy burgers and food on at Fort AP Hill, the troops don't have enough food to feed guests.

If you are taking your son home there is paper work that needs to be completed.


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As has been suggested, be prepared to walk a lot and be aware of the heat. I would suggest that you check out the National exhibits which are near the visior center. Other than that I recommend getting around and observe the boys at the MB Midway, the Action Centers, and maybe the Army Action Area. I would suggest that you observe and not attempt to participate as this event is actually for the boys. I also get rather put out with Scout Leaders that bring their entire Troop as visitors and attempt to have the Jambo experience for a day. Visitors should be welcomed but remember they are visitors and not participants

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We visited in 97. In addition to those things mentioned, Brownsea Island was cool. We walked around thru merit badge midway, Army Action center, TOAP, even if you can't participate. If you're gonna visit on one of the show days, remember that the food concessions close around 5? (early for dinner) and there is no food available. Remember to bring a blanket or something to sit on at the show.

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I did not notice anyone mentioning(Water) drink and bring something to carry water in.


Trading Post is open until 9pm except on show night and they do close down around 5pm so they can go to the show and eat. Hamburgers and hot dogs and other items are available to eat and drink. There are 3 trading post. Bring a radio to listen to in case of an emergency which there are 2 radio station one bsa and the other army.


Do not leave your car over night or it may not be there the next day.


Have a fun and a safe day.

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All adults must have a photo ID as must children who are not accompanied with their parents. A School student OK will be work.

You can not stay over night.

I did have a parent ask if they could stay in their RV over night.

While there are bathrooms, portajohns/ portapotties are easier to find. You might want to have a bottle of that antibacterial soap in your pack.

If the President does attend one of the shows, security will be very tight and I expect that lines to get into the show will be slow moving and long.

I do hope that visitors respect the fact that the Scouts who are Jamboree participants have paid a lot of money to participate and don't try to sneak into participant activities.

I would also remind patch traders that there is a rule in place that does not allow adults to trade with youth members. They can trade with other adults.

It is wise to keep to the paths and roads and not allow young children to go and play in the wooded areas. Areas where the Scouts will be have been sprayed for ticks, but the woods have not.

It is a good idea to have chosen a place where your group will meet if you should get separated.

Last Jamboree we had the mother of a Scout who was confined to a wheelchair. While it was stated that there would be vans available to transport people like her, it wasn't the case. In 2001 they did direct her to drive to another entrance and everything worked out fine. I don't think with the added security this year that she would be able to drive in.

I'm not sure if any arrangements have been made for handicapped visitors (I know they do everything possible to accommodate handicapped Scouts)It might be an idea to call ahead and ask before leaving home.

Please don't take your son off the base, it could result in a very big headache for his leaders.

Please don't bring any pets!!

I have some deep concerns about the little fellows in the Troop that I'm serving. Some of the younger Lads have only got one summer camp under their belt. Even then, they came to camp on Sunday, Parents night was Wednesday and they home after breakfast on Saturday. These little fellows will arrive at the site tired, they have a lot of very hard work getting their camp site set up and it will either be very hot or very wet. Homesickness is almost to be expected. A parent who visits and tells the Lad how great everything at home is and how good the A/C is and that Grandma and his favorite Uncle have been taking his little sister out to all the amusement parks is only going to make this worse.

Don't tell him that you have moved!! But don't make his homesickness any worse by not thinking. If you think that there is going to be a problem when you are ready to leave, have one of his Leaders close at hand. Hopefully the Leader will be able to take the Lad under his wing and keep an eye on him. Most times when you have gone and he gets back into the swing of things, he will be fine.


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