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Post- Jamboree surplus inventory sales

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Eamonn, I would bet you can help answer this :


Will the equipment not needed after this Jambo. be listed on-line by National for Councils and/or Districts to purchase ? My Troop, District, and Council Summer Camp could be in the market for some "discounted" equipment such as kayaks, trap throwers, etc. Where, when, and how will this gear be disposed of ?




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While I did hear that some of the tents used in the Sub-camps were sold to Jamboree Staff members and that some of the Sub-camp flags were sold for what I thought were huge amounts.

I was informed that everything else was taken by a company that was going to auction it all.

I will check with our Area President, he is in charge of Action Center D, and knows far more than I do and I will get back to you.


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They are supposed to do what they did in 2001. They are planning on turning it over to a commercial auction company who will place it in lots and action it off for the national council.


The only problem was the size of the lots in 2001. 200 coolers, 2-300 toasters, 25 canoes, etc....


Unless your a big outfit or a reseller it was kind of useless to bid.



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Hey maybe I can buy OJ a slightly used G.M car? Of course now that they are a National Cub Scouting sponsor it would only come in yellow and blue.

Wouldn't it be cool to get one with Akela, Baloo and the Tiger Cub (Does he have a name?) painted on? A real Cub Bug!!


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