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Howdy from North Carolina

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Hi y'all!

My name is Steve,and I am a wolf Den Leader for Pack 49 in Newell, North Carolina. http://www.cubpack49.org/

The Pack still claims Newell as our hometown, despite the fact that Charlotte swallowed up the town a long time ago.

Anyway, I became a scout leader last year, when my oldest son wanted to join cub scouts, and I'm not to sure who gets more out of it, me or him! We have a fairly active pack, we do a lot of camping trips and hikes, weed warriors,scouting for food, etc.I also am helping my Council to get packs and troops in our area to participate in our local Veterans day parade.


Aside from that, I am an avid hunter (mostly deer and wild hog),fisherman (Im really interested in Fly fishing),amateur astronomer and shortwave DX'er. I am also an amateur WWII historian,a confirmed coffee addict and cajun food junkie.


I go by Keystone28, on account of my Uncle, who fought with the 28th Infantry (Pennsylvania National Guard). He enlisted the day he turned 17, and after bootcamp, went straight into the Huertgen forest in the Autumn of 1944.His unit had a casualty rate of about 110% so it's kind of my tribute to him.

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Thanks for the welcome guys!!


Apache Bob, By any chance , are you Pack 232?


wahooker, You're up in Cabbarus county?


scoutldr, Maybe we are related! My Mom grew up in Bala Cynwyd, and my dad in Upper Darby. I grew up here, but have less of an accent than most folk because of my yankee parents! LOL

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