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Jamboree 2005 Youth Staff

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So, these kids have to pay THEM for the privilege of working in the trading post? Reminds me of the time I was visiting a scout shop in another state and the lady behind the counter was telling me she was getting ready to leave for the Jamboree to work on staff...and her SE was making her use vacation time for the privilege. If it's for the good of the program, can't we at least give them Admin Leave? Sheesh.

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At the last Jambo I went with some of the Scouts when they went to dispose of the water that they had used for washing up.

There was this Scouter who was very cheerfully running what I would call a giant waste disposal. He was really very proud of this machine. I talked with him for a while. He informed me that this unit (Machine) was so much better then the one he had at the last Jambo. If I remember right this one was five horsepower and the last one was only three.

As I left this happy fellow I couldn't help thinking what a great organization this is. Here we have a chap who has a dirty, smelly not so great job. There he was laughing and joking with the Scouts and he had paid to do this.

Barry is so right.


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Do you know when the last possible date to sign up for Jamboree staff is? I know money is already due. I was planning to go to Jamboree but was elected Lodge Chief and decided to not go to the Jamboree because I would miss a week of boy scout camp, and I felt my responsibility was to the OA and camp first. I also am working on staff at the Camp. Now the council has shortened Boy Scout camp from 5 weeks to 4 weeks so I think I would be able to be at camp each week of Boy Scout camp and also be on staff. The Boy scout camp ends on July 16th. Does anybody know what day staff have to be at the Jamboree?




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I would be willing to bet you can still get on staff as long as there are still vacancies, and assuming you can come up with all of the money that you would have ordinarily paid by this time as part of your first payment.


Your region office could probably tell you the type of opening available, if any, at this time.


You need to get an application, fill it out, and have it approved by your council very quickly. Make certain it is forwarded to the region once it is approved.(This message has been edited by Proud Eagle)

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