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Jamboree 2005 - Here We Go/ Come

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Well we have had our first Council Jamboree Troop Committee Meeting.

We have a price tag of $875.00. Which is not as high as I thought it was going to be.

We are off and running almost an entire year earlier then last time out. This will give the Scouts a lot more time to save and raise the money.

Some of the things that we are changing are:

Tent Stakes: We went with wood last time and they kept breaking, not much fun, when it's 104 in the shade !! So we are going to try metal this time out.

Dining Flies: We are going to see if these framed car-port what-ever-they-are-called ?? Will work out better.

Another change is that each of the Scoutmasters, is to have a face to face meeting with the Scout and his parent. The hope here is that everyone will be better prepared in every way.

We are sending the same two Scoutmasters as we did last time, in the hope that they will get it right this time. As one of them, I know there are things that I did which I could have done a better job on.

We were holding a PLC meeting in the AM. Which was not such a good idea, much better to have it at night.

The list of equipment that National sends out for the Patrol Box, has way too much stuff in it. So we are taking a long hard look at that.

We are also leaving our area earlier and getting to the Hill earlier, in order to avoid the mid day heat.

Last time we left our area at 3:00.AM.

None of the boys had been to bed any way. We got to the site at 1:30.PM. But it was 2:30 till we got through the check in.

Have to admit that I'm really looking forward to this.

Being the Scoutmaster for the Jambo. Is like being a grandparent, much as you get to know, like and love the kids, you are aware that at the end of it you can hand them back to their own Scoutmaster.

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Eammon, I congratulate your council for the early start. It will definitely help the over all experience. I was a SM at the 1997 Jambo. Your council is to be applauded for using veteran SM's. Our council, in its infinite wisdom, has the exact opposite policy - if you were there last time, you aren't going this time. A lot of mistakes could have been avoided and a better experience for the kids would happen with some experienced leadership. I felt the biggest challenge was taking 36 relative stangers and molding them into a working troop. We did a fairly good job, and everyone enjoyed themselves. For me it has been the highlight of a 40+ year scouting career so far. If anyone has the opportunity to go or to send your boys, DO SO!



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Thanks Dale.

Of course the besr thing would be if one of the ASMs, were to come back next time out as the SM.

The Lad who was Junior Asst. Scoutmaster, is still on the charter of a local Troop, but has been away at School. Other then a card at Christmas, there has been no real contact.

One of the ASMs,has became a Crew Leader, I think he may go as part of the Action Area Staff.

The other is still a Scoutmaster, but is one of those leaders who will only be in the program, as long as his son is part of it.

The son is a great kid, but has kind of out-grown the troop. I think he would enjoy being part of a crew. But Dad is not that keen on the idea. Maybe because he thinks that I will twist his arm into starting one. The poor chap was my Assistant Cubmaster, and somehow got talked into starting the troop. I wonder how that happened ??

What is really great, is the number of boys who went to the last one, who want to go back again as the Jr. ASM.

2001 was my first, I had been the ASM for Nordjamb, back in 1975. But this was far better. Maybe I changed, it's hard to remember that far back.

We only managed to have one Re-Union meeting, it was so hard to find dates that worked, I have however been invited to all the Eagle Scout Courts Of Honor, that has come along. Which does make me very happy.

This one will more then lightly, be my last one as Scoutmaster. With that in mind, It has to be the best ever, not just for the boys, but for my ego !! (Yes I admit it.)

Still with such a super event it is really hard for it not to be.

Also the Scouts that go are some of the best kids, who are really into Scouts and Scouting.

We are going to have such a good time. I would urge any parent who is looking in, to take the plunge and have a chat with your son about going.

I know the price tag seems high, but last time, it only cost me $250.00 out of my pocket, O J, raised the rest from pie sales and pizza sales.

Strange thing was that people would buy this stuff even if they didn't want it. They were just happy to help send a boy to such a great event.

Only 769 days to go - I can't wait.

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I'm on our council's Jambo committee also. We started meeting several months ago. Currently we are interviewing applicants for the leadership positions in our 3 troops, and we have half of the youth participant slots reserved with their first payment.


Everyone is very excited. It's hard to believe it is still two years away.



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