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Oops BD...my bad. I think it was just a matter of bad timing.


There are probably some folks (ie, retirees) that can take on those extra jobs and do them quite well--they have the time! For someone who works a full time job and has a home and family, not so much.


I've been approached before about taking a district committee position, and I had to politely decline. The reason: My units come first, and they keep me quite busy enough, thank you! Need advice or an idea? Give me a call, I don't need silver loops to help out that way. But, being out of the house 4-5+ nights a week shlepping off to district meetings as well as pack/troop meetings just "ain't my bag"!

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As others have posted it is both possible and allowable to hold several positions within the BSA.

The membership fee is for the person, not the position.

There is a rule that states that a Unit Leader is not allowed to also serve as a Commissioner. But this seems to sometimes ignored at a local level.


A few years back the BSA and some Councils were found to have a fair number of "Paper Units." Units that really didn't exist. Sometimes to get a charter through volunteers who had no real association with the unit or the charter would be listed as CM's.


There are some volunteers who do wear several hats.

Sometimes in some areas this is the only way that things can get done.

I think it's not a very good idea.

As a District Chairman, I wouldn't ask a unit leader to serve on the District Committee.

My feeling being that the job of Unit Leader is a full time job and the role of the District Committee is to support our unit leaders, which is kinda hard when the committee is made up of unit leaders. - Some people thought I was out of line.

I also had seen in another District a Lady who I think was on a real power trip.

She served as a CM and was on just about every District Committee : Cub Scout Camping, Training and as Cub Scout R/T Commissioner.

To be fair, she didn't do a bad job and the job got done. She however just wasn't a very nice person and seemed to have a knack of rubbing people up the wrong way.

She was very upset when she was asked (Informed.) to step down from some of her positions. She made a point of telling any and everyone that "They" can't fire me!

In the end she just quit.

Of course the District then needed to fill all the empty spots.

It's hard enough for a District Chair to find people for one spot but when someone who wears several hats leaves the job becomes that much harder.

I wasn't going to allow that to happen to me.





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Our current/new district chair at last weeks round table announced his jobs during introductions.....


He is CM, SM, COR and CC for both and district activities chair...he works full time as well.



So explain how he is going to do a decent job at all of them.



Brew...you need to go back and read some of deaf earlier posts.....ya might gain some incite.

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It is a braggard mentality...Ya know the fellow who stands up at roundtable introductions......It goes on for more than a minute.....He also controls a single signature checkbook





Seattle....I did the jobs, I also know that it wasn't my best effort and the program was not what it could have been if I had concentrated on one job instead of 6.

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I'm one of those who wears way to many hats; TCDL, RT commish, district committee, training staff, MBC. Plus sometimes things get handed to me from the pack.


Honestly it is a lot, and I know I am not doing my best at the various positions. But unfortunately it's a matter of either not getting done. Best example is that they went 3+ years before getting a CS RT commissioner. Only reason I took it on is I was not going to be the CSDC PD and I was asked for the 4th time.


With the exception of TCDL and MBC, I would give up everything else if I could. I am having too much fun with middel son to give that up.


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So if no one wants the job, the troop, pack, crew, district or council is motoring along fine with out it....is a job that needs done????



Eagle, I was very much like you.....But when I started to miss family functions for scouting I knew it had to stop. Plus if your doing the job then no one will step up to do it.

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You aint kidding. My wife still reminds me of the time I missed one of my son's first birthday, not the party but the actual day, because of Scouting. Funny thing was, one of our coworkers asked her to talk to me about doing an OA performance, so I thought she was OK with it.


Now the stuff the pack has been handing down to me is getting a LOT better. We are getting a New CM who is not only working to get more involvement from parents, but also has already started with succession planning for when he leaves in 13-14 months. I am actually hoping that he moves up to SM, but that is another story.


Biggest concern is RT. Again no CS RT commissioner for over 3.5 years. In fact there have been times where CSRT only had 1 person there, so I went to the BS RT instead. And I need a lot of work to bring it back.



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