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Or they can be multiples in 3 different units, Pack, Troop and Crew, while hold a District and Council level position...*grins


In Scouting, you'll find MANY that wear several hats.


For charter purposes, you will need to know which is their primary unit as they only pay one $15.00 membership fee that covers ALL their units.


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Frank wasn't directed at you......But deaf.who is an SM and holds some role at district, now she is involved in a cub pack too???? No possible way to do a quality job roles.


....Your roles are typical for multirole folks.


did it myself, I was and ASM, CM, Webelos Den leader and a den leader in a second pack for a while, Plus the popcorn kernel and functional CC for the Pack as well. But I successfully recruited replacements and worked myself out of one job after another. Currently just a SM, which is plenty.





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"The codes are not secret...they are listed on the Adult application...they are what's keypunched into the computer. Think of it as an "abbreviation" if that makes you feel less paranoid."


The codes are secret and meant to confuse Scouters. Same with having Gold for the top ranking of JTE, everybody knows silver is higher than gold in Scouting. All meant as a diversion to keep us from looking at the man behind the curtain. ;)


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