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I understand where you are coming from...there are many days I feel the same way.


Please consider coming back. The only way the BSA can withstand the current tsunami of Irving-sanctioned mediocrity is by seasoned folks, like yourself, championing true scouting at the unit level.


Best wishes for the holidays, desertrat

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Look, It's not that I do not think it's a good idea, but again, why not effective now? Answer, because we need to sell out the old books first, then we will required all to have a copy of the new book for the next level of advancement. Way more money to be made this way. There are currently too many profit centers in what is a "non-profit" and too many changes being made by Irving without input from us on the ground.



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Agree with ScoutNut. Non-profits need to raise money to offset expenses. That's just fundamental ecomomics.


The year 2015 allows for transition not only for the Scout Shops but for the units as well. Our Pack has quite a few handbooks in storage that we need to use before the the change is implemented. I'll be able to hand out those books and they will still be good to use for the next 2 years. If they implemented the change immediately, I would have to throw out those books and what a waste that would be.


BTW, I'm okay with the change. This change is not fixing anything, just adding continuity to the programs. In Cub Scouts, we have the 12 Core Values, which are fine statements but they are really just the 12 points of the Scout Law re-stated. The Cub Scout Promise is simply a shortened version of the BS Oath with a Law of the Pack ending. Let's make the change and be done with it. Yeah!

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