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Eagle requirements update

Winter camping

Leave no trace

Hornaday awards

Religious awards

New merit badges - meet the councilors

Tax law and the volunteer


Thos were some I really appreciated. Get knowledgeable people to do them. Don't let announcements and beading ceremonies consume all the time, have fun.

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Contact local Parks Department (city, county) and ask for someone to come out and talk about:

* possible service projects

* local history hikes/ displays/ museums to go visit (Cub Scouts! Tiger Go see'it!)

* Camping possibilities


Contact State Parks folks for the same type of thing, and Scales and Tales" type presentations to your Packs and Troops


Comtact local Sierra Club and Hiking clubs. Here abouts, the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club loves to come out and give a slide show about the trails and shelters available in the area.


Cooking demo out in the parking lot. Real fires, stoves, food. Utilize your IOLS instructors.


High Adventure Camps... your Camping Chair should take this on. Philmont, The Summit, Northern Tier, etc.


CSDC,,, how the Troops can help the CSDC and (tada!) recruit the Cubs!


Don't get stuck in the legalese and paperwork of Scouting.... DO the Scouting of Scouting.....


How 'bout a discussion of footcare from a podiatrist? Blister prevention.



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Simply have your roundtable commissioner ask the attendees what they want to learn more about and there are your topics. Then put the word out that (Using qwazse's suggestions as examples):


Winter camping will be presented in November

Eagle requirement updates will be presented in January

Geocaching in May



It's worked well in our district for 15 or so years now. Last RT in the spring (May, as we take June/July off due to graduations in June and summer camp in July) we ask attendees for topics for the following fall through spring.

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