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Stock Up Now! World Bacon Shortage Looms!

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I live in Illinois - in the top ten pork producing states in the US, we're number 2. Number 1 is our neighbor Iowa. To give you an idea just how much Iowa produces, Illinois produces about 1/3rd of what Iowa produces. Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin aren't slouches when it comes to producing pork either. The rest of you may have a bacon shortage, but we'll be just fine in the upper mid-west as we make sure that we get our first.

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Our crew set up a contingency plan - each boy plans to buy a 40 lb box, cook it up, bag it in sections and freeze it, to be defrosted as needed in the "Baconator," a device "Macgyvered" by one of my sons.


I told the boys this might be the time to start practicing some Kashrut, but they didn't like that idea.



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