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In the Scout Shop today...

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it was packed. A ton of new Scouts and adults buying uniforms, books & pocket knives. A lot of energy and excitement.


It started me thinking about the transition from the excited, ready to do everything boy & adult to the blah, this is boring Scout & cynical adult.


Are we as adults making good on the implied promises of outdoor adventure and fun associated with Scouting?

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I believe our pack is striving to do so, and our dens mostly do.


There is a bit too much bookwork, IMO. DH is having to decide if he wants to teach them fiances or how to write a letter--not really what we envisioned we said "let's send son to Scouts".


But, at our pack meeting on Tuesday, we had the reptile guy come, with turtles, monitors, skinks, a small gator, and lots of snakes. Made me /shudder but the kids ate it up! We have a one night campout coming up, to teach parents/scouts who have never camped before (or never scout camped) how we do things. Then we have Cuboree and 2 more campouts planned, then our big meeting at the USS Midway. Doing the big meeting once a year, my goal is to set places our boys may never go without their families--I'm resisting the parent's urges to go to Disney or SeaWorld...





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"Are we as adults making good on the implied promises of outdoor adventure and fun associated with Scouting?"

I wish that I could say that I was sure that we are and this is happening.

I'm happy that in a lot of units this is the case and the kids are receiving end of everything that Scouting has to offer.

All to often as I read what has been posted here in this Forum I can't help but think that we the adults are making something that really ought not be that hard or that difficult into something that's more complicated than it need be.

Some people seem to want to point the finger and blame the District, the Council and National for all the things that they aren't doing.

So while maybe there are a few things that get in the way and there are hurdles? My thinking is that we the adults are able to do everything that is needed and is required to be able to provide an age appropriate program for the Scouts that we serve.

If the Scouts are not on the receiving end of this? Before we start pointing fingers we need to take a long hard look at what we are doing and what we are offering.

Sure they might well be times when the best thing to do with the stuff that is happening at the Council and District level is to take no notice and be willing to stand up and tell the District and Council types to go and pound salt.

At the end of the day as unit leaders we are in the business of serving the Scouts in our units and not the Councils and Districts. - In fact if the Districts and Councils are not serving our needs and the needs of the kids that we serve. What good are they?

Kids join to have fun. We can work on all the other good stuff while they are having fun. But if the fun isn't there the kids will vote with their feet and just walk away, then any of the good stuff will all be lost.


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The illusion is that the excitement only happens in the outdoors......



The excitement resides where our boys say it does......


Our Christmas party is a lock in with a feast fit for a teenager...The boys play video games all night.....eat pizza and chicken wings......There is a nerf gun fight........It is one they look forward too year after year.


Our guys love to go to the movies together.....How about an urban hike........


Adventure making breakfast at the community shelter....Boy do it and have some great stories....




I think the fault of the adult volunteer is narrow vision of program....

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That is the initial hook,the outdoors, My boys in the Patrols are great friends outside of scouting too....The one patrol went to a skateboard park and the other went and played laser tag together.....



So do I want my scouts to only be friends with each other in the context of scouts and the outdoors......Or lifelong friends in and out of scouting......

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