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Why Did F-scouter pull the thread on BSA and molesters?

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BadenP, I understand, thanks for responding. I admit that perhaps it was indeed premature. That's why I merely parked it in another location for while to see the response.

Fscouter is not the issue here. It is clear that there is a special interaction between the two of you. But you must recognize that regardless of how much, hypothetically, Beavah and I sincerely loathe each other, our personal attacks on each other are not going to contribute to the topic itself. And no matter how much Beavah would like to see me dead and in hell, Scouter Terry is the person who will decide my fate as a moderator...Beavah's protestations may be completely in vain. He'd do better for himself and the rest of us to just stick to the topic. Same for me.

(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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Well folks I got news for ya......



the BSA is run by people and People are not perfect......


I don't take the rose colored view of the BSA but a realistic one.....


I have been lied to by Pro's and volunteers....


I have witnessed the Ghost Units used to inflate Member numbers.


The SE's with Multi hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries...


Many of you like Jeff are insulated from it......Good for you.....




I believe in the BSA on the unit level......Beyond that I have no need of it.



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I would indeed like to see the thread back. What has happened and what is now coming to light is in fact a very uncomfortable reality. The issue has found its way to the open media and the BSA finds itself in the spot light. It's goes without saying that the BSA decided to make its bed a while back and if now finding it hard to sleep in it.


For my comrade SP, yes evil people hurt kids. But at the same time, people who were at the helm in the BSA allegedly decided to cover things up. For many, that was the BSA being an accessory to the crime. I am willing to surmise that the decisions made at the management level were not individual decisions but decided and agreed upon by a larger body of folks at the top of the BSA management.


Nobody likes to see the BSA in a bad light. But those who made the poor decisions must be held accountable in order for the BSA to re-gain its integrity. Time for the BSA to come clean. Doing so will substantiate the BSA's commitment to timeless values and strong character.

(This message has been edited by abel magwitch)

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Well since FScouter didn't remove the thread he obviously can't answer as to why he did it. packsaddle explains why, seems like he didn't like the direction the thread was going. Merlyn starts the thread, feeds the fire and then complains when it gets too hot!


Free (or at least fair) speech here is the ability to make reasonable comments and not have someone with more power (a moderator) delete posts and threads just because they don't agree with someone. Kinda like changing the rules mid game. That's a good way to loose members.


At least I learned that Merlyn is not a Scouter. That makes me feel better.


And by the way, I don't loath anyone here, I don't even dislike anyone.

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I don't think Beavah hates you or wants to "see you in hell" in my mind I don't think he is that kind of person. F-scouter seems to have some sort of vendetta against me for a long time now, yet I do not hate him I just truly feel sorry for him. I just dislike anyone who is given any type of authority abuse it, especially the way f-scouter does on a regular basis.


I agree with Eagle 732's post 100%.

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Hello Abel,







Once again we have people putting the worst possible interpretation on unfortunate but unproven allegations.


You have to KNOW something before you can cover it up. It is VERY unlikely that any BSA agent observed the alleged actions.


BSA officials got a lot of hearsay, second and third hand accounts of what might have happened. It would probably be IRRESPONSIBLE to draw conclusions about what happened from such allegations.


Do FAMILIES want to report such things to the police? Nothing stops them from doing so. Certainly BSA didn't stop them from doing so.


I would suggest that ultimately it was families and parents in particular who decided to cover up what they knew or thought they knew, not BSA.


In my opinion, BSA was not the bad actor in these dramas.




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We moderators take the heat when a discussion topic get closed, deleted, or in this case moved out of view for a cooling off period. Its really the forum membership that has the control here. The content of posts is what determines the fate of a discussion. Each poster chooses to either keep the discussion alive or to kill it every time he hits the submit button.


In this case we had an insulting post that linked another forum member with masturbation, to which no fewer than six others including myself jumped in. Despite admonition from Packsaddle, the insults continued.


So yes, a moderator pushed the moderate button, but who really makes it happen?



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Answer a question honestly for all of us if you would. What gives you the right to randomly delete anyones post completely without any explaination and do so much more often in comparison with all the other moderators here? The other moderators will delete a selected portion of a post while you seem to enjoy deleting the whole thing every time. Do you view yourself as judge, jury, and executioner in your position as a moderator?(This message has been edited by BadenP)

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And no matter how much Beavah would like to see me dead and in hell, Scouter Terry is the person who will decide my fate as a moderator...Beavah's protestations may be completely in vain. He'd do better for himself and the rest of us to just stick to the topic. Same for me.




Where'd that come from, packsaddle? I know I talk funny, but yeh seem to have imagined that comment out of thin air.


For da record, this here Beavah would not like to see you or any other livin' human being dead or in hell. What an unfortunate thing to say about anyone. Child molesters and those who cover up or enable child molesting, yah, that's frustratin', and it's hard not to take righteous anger too far, eh? But I reckon folks understand that my biblical reference to millstones around necks is as allegorical as the original text from da gospels.


Nor has this particular Beavah offered any "protestations" with respect to your moderator status. I have only once approached Scouter Terry about da practices of a moderator on da forums, and that was FScouter. Scouter Terry and some of da other moderators did respond to that, and da situation improved. So for my part, that's water under the bridge.


If I have given yeh cause anywhere at any time to believe otherwise on either point, I apologize.



(This message has been edited by Beavah)

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Baden, and Beavah, I think you may have missed a word in Pack's post, he prefaced the situation between Baevah and himself with



It was just a "for-instance" not an attack against Beavah (I think).


Edited because I still can't type(This message has been edited by pchadbo)

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Yes pchadbo, just like I evidently still can't make myself clear. ;)


Beavah, I picked you because you are one the LAST persons I'd ever expect would hope for something like that, thus (or so I hoped) emphasizing the 'hypothetical' nature of the comment. For the record I don't wish that fate on anyone in these forums either (although - assuming I believed in it - I can think of a few persons elsewhere for that list).



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