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Ugly Trailer - Help

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So, our pack has an ugly trailer. We may have someone that can give it a solid-color paintjob. Does anyone know of any internet sources where we could get some kind of graphics or lettering for the outside?


I'd thought about getting a wrap style thing done, but that's more than a thousand dollars and not a good use of limited funds.


What is the most cost-effective way to add a professional looking design to an ugly trailer?

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Any local sign painters that maybe willing to help? Keep it simple and they would be more likely to help. Any artists around? Auto pinstripers can sometimes do lettering. Community arts center?


If you go with vinyl graphics/lettering be sure someone knows how to correctly apply them.

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Before you paint it you need to add


Solar Panels


LED Exterior lighting system

metal racks

roll out canopy on both sides.

Fold out stoves

Water tank


Wait for it.........Wait for it...........


A hot water shower.



Then you can paint your trailer.


Matter of act I would let the boys paint it....Give each den a section.

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I love Base's answer! :) Seriously though, are there any vocational high schools in your area with an auto body shop? That's how we're having ours done. We buy the paint and necessary decal material and submit the graphics the way the boys want them, and the labor's free.(This message has been edited by FrankScout)

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When you're done painting it tag in in Maine and save enough money to buy a couple of those big BSA emblems for the sides. ;)


Seriously, it's worth putting your troop number and town on the sides. A neighboring troop's plain white trailer full of equipment was stolen. When they notified police and gave them the description of the trailer the PD said it was highly unlikely they would ever find the trailer without something more identifying than "white trailer, 6' x 12' ".

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Welcome to the forums, TD. Unfortunately you've wandered into one of the topics where some of the backpacking snobs feel they have the opportunity to exercise their prejudice -- troop trailers. I've found it best to just give them their delusions of superiority and run your program as you see fit.


While the moss idea may have a certain Scout-chic appeal, it probably doesn't do much the the life of the trailer. Many trailers have wood structrues. Wood and moss isn't a good mix. You really need someone with a little bit of knowledge to maintain the trailer. Leaks need to be sealed and the bearings occasionally repacked. It may look like a big aluminum box, but they do require a modest amount of maintenance.


I do like the idea of checking with the local schools to see if any have auto classes which may help. If you can make sure the sealing and prep-work are done properly, turn the Scouts loose with a couple dozen cans of spray paint. Yeah, up close it will probably look like crap, but rolling down the road it will probably look okay.


Do sign painters still exist? I though everything has gone computer designed vinyl. One option to save money may be to find a vinyl sign shop which will cut the lettering for you and then let you do the installation. It's really not that difficult. The sign guy can show you what to do in about five minutes. The big thing is to position the lettering with masking tape and get it right before you remove the backing. Once it's stuck, it's stuck. I used to to all my own job signs for new homes (remember when folks used to build new homes?) and it's a very short learning curve.

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I would get a pancake compressor and a paint gun not spray cans. Also have the boys do the prep and priming and an adult (or best boy)do the final coat. Agree about the name and decal.


Once it looks good enough to steal make sure you get a ball hitch lock. Learned that lesson.


(I am not sure why it has to be silver vs. a mural or something artistic if someone is so inclined. Why not let each boy sign it when they make first class or something?)

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