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How to recruit Den Cheifs

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Boys in your troop with younger brothers in a cub den are great choices. Other than that, you could ask boys who you think have an aptitude for it to do the job. Out of all the Scout PoR this one I have the least experience in, so I'll leave this to more senior Scouters.


Yours in Service,


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The best advice I could give, is ask someone you trust in the troop, who they would recommend. And then talk to the scout and ask if they would be interested in helping.


Back when I was a Webelos Leader, the SPL was one of my former Webelos. I went to a troop meeting and ask him who he would recommend. He recommended Bobby, who I did not know at all. Bobby took the job, and was great! My son who was a Webelos at the time, became great friends with Bobby.

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I would call the SM of your big brother troop if you have one and ask if they have anyone interested.



It is a slippery slope if you have a relationship with a troop and you go to another troop looking for den chiefs.....


The Pack borrows gear from the troop all the time....if the troop started losing boys to another Troop that would end.....



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BD, in that situation, I'd suggest:


Work it out with the boy(s) who want to be den chiefs.

Play nice.


This may mean the den chief's figure out a rotation, or their PLs touch base after meeting.


It sounds like one of the better headaches to have.

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I have tried to recruit scouts from my troop, and know of some of the pitfalls. Here are some things to do.


1. Get the exact times the prospective den chief is needed, and where. This comes from den leaders and cub masters.

2. Ask for volunteers, especially if they need a POR, but any scout will do, especially if they were a Webelo.

3 KEY, KEY, KEY...Talk to the parent who will have to shuttle your scout to a den or pack meeting. Tell them why your scout needs to go to yet another meeting each week or month, get the parent on board. I have failed in the past to get my scouts to den meetings for lack of transportation.



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If you are a CM/WL and you want DC's, come to the Troop and let them know when the Dens meet during Troop elections. Often it's the time commitment to a 2nd night during the week.


DC, unless a sibling is in the Pack, is the last position filled by a Scout from the Troop.


The "carrot", CM/WL/SM must use the Den cords and the Den Chief award for a job well done.



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"It is a slippery slope if you have a relationship with a troop and you go to another troop looking for den chiefs....."


If they can't help, or are unwilling, we should just not have Den Chiefs then?


"The Pack borrows gear from the troop all the time....if the troop started losing boys to another Troop that would end...."


Really? WOW! What is wrong with that Troop then? If they act that way i see why no one wants to be in it.


"So what if the CO only offers one Scout night a week.......So the troop and the Pack meet at the same time and location?????"


Inform them it's detrimental to their program and that Dens can meet any time and place they agree to. Doesn't have to be as a Pack at the CO building. ( unless your LDS :) )


B.D. I thought BSA was a all encompassing worldly brotherhood. We all are Scouts. The idea is to get boys into the program, not just your version or mine. If you are Recruiting and you meet on a Tuesday, but that is not a good day for them. What do you do? I hope you would give them the contact info for other units that meet on different nights and let them find the best fit. Would you tell them you are the only option?


Scouts is a great program. I love it. But the biggest issue with it is people who treat it as some kind of competition, sports league or gang.

"My teams the best! We have the most boys, do the most camping, newest tents, Our boys take the longest to get eagle so they get the full scouting experience.You don't want to go over there. I hear they have a boy who got 1st class in 5 months.You can't recruit him, he lives on our turf" "Your a traitor if you move units." Simply Ridiculous.




Our Pack is one of 8 in 2 square miles. We meet on different nights of the week. If someone is interested in scouts but can't make our meetings we refer them to one down the street. We had a whole Den of Webelos that wanted to come to us from another Pack. It was able to get worked out and didn't happen, but we all openly communicated between Packs.

Let us Stop the divisiveness. I thought we were all Scout Leaders, lets act like it.


SO YES! I say go to another troop to recruit a den chief if need be. A den chief is what's best for the boys and what is best for the boys is what I'm about. If you can't agree to that then i feel sorry for you :(


Yours In Cheerful Service,


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