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training question ??? - BSA safe Driving?

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I'll throw this in with respect to driving. One of the biggest issues in corporate fleet driver safety programs is the issue of cells phone. More and more companies are simply banning the use cell phones while driving on company business, no hands free either. Something to consider.



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I'd suggest with that list - Heartsaver and do the cert for any adults.


It may be challenging for Webelos. For the readyman, I might suggest a Friends and Family with Mini-Annies make good family impact as well.


The compression only is designed only for adults that drop in front of you.

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Sorry if I sound a little harsh with regards to the training. Yes, I have helped out with training at both the district and council levels for BALOO and WLOT. Thats why I found it amusing that I was required to do IOLS when I transitioned from cubbie leader to ASM for my son's troop. Seems like a rehash of stuff I've already covered in previous training dates. I also take issue with the "every two years" rule with regards to YPT, safe swim, etc...


I don't disagree that the training is needed, both as a safety issue and to minimize BSA's liability with regards to untrained adult leaders taking scouts into potentially harmful situations. It would just be nice if there was a "test out" option. Like, if you have already completed the training and are due for renewal - then take a 20 question online test. If you pass, you're good for another 2 years, if not THEN sit through the webinar again and test at the end. I'm not a fan of forcing students to retake subject matter they've already mastered. That's all. They're not really learning anything new, just checking the box.


Further, I don't think a mandatory safe driving class is warranted for BSA. However, it WOULD be nice if their was an online review and STANDARDS in place. I understand the # seat belts = # occupants, and no riding in the back of pick-ups, etc...


But what about an online tutorial regarding drowsy driving? What about info regarding route planning and what factors to consider when deciding which roads to tkae? What is an acceptable number of miles per day for a scout caravan to travel? etc... I've seen some pretty aggressive drive plans in my short time in BSA for out of the area trips (i.e. two days travel from San Diego to Philmont) where I question whether thats the best idea to be carting kids that far in that short amount of time, just so you can fit more days on the trail, or there are fewer days adults have to be off work to make the trip a reality.


I don't think anyone out there is purposefully putting kids at risk, but I also do not find much (if any) guidance on the subject from BSA national. There has to be some standards at either the state or federal level on HOW many hours or miles OTR truckers can drive in one stretch, or how long a school bus or Greyhound driver may drive in one stretch of time. Maybe thats a good starting place for BSA to develop some guidelines?


I assume for every fatal vehicle crash in BSA's history, a root cause analysis is done. Are there any common themes that have emerged from those? Those themes would be the logical talking points / highlights of any training webinar developed. Its a matter of, "this is what we've seen in the past... it could happen to you, plan for how to minimize it happening to you."


RichardB, I appluad all you and the other folks in Irving do to continue to improve the BSA program for the youth. Myself and others online likely don't state our appreciation enough for guys like you. I especially want to thank you for wading into the fray that many pro scouters will not, the haggared, head-shaking, weary eyed view of the unit volunteer who must live with the policies handed down from on high. At least you're willing to give us your ear from time to time, which is more than I can say for most paid scouters.

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