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I was coming home from our council Roundtable last night, and got stuck in traffic from the Seahawks Football game that was just over.



Wow! Look at all those people! Many fat dudes wearing Seahawks style jerseys (yeah, right, like they are playing football) Lots of people painted up in various weird ways.




I wonder, did the Romans take little children to watch like those at the football game?



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Don't think Romans were into face paint.


Took my daughter to a Steelers v. Seahawks game when she was 4. It was all I could to dress casual for a game. Football being near religion in these parts, I was raised to wear suit and tie for Game day. We were told never to dress like a player unless you were willing to play like one. Times change.


We were also told to keep the good looking women in the stands with us. Don't parade them around the sidelines. But I think that was just a Pittsburgh thing to explain why we don't have cheerleaders.

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Hey SP, sorry you got caught in the traffic. I guess the gridiron isn't your cup-o-tea. A couple thoguhts,


First of all, I don't think the NFL players are killing, dismembering, and consuming Christians as part of the game, eh? Little tough on your analogy. Football players are entertainers. They are not gladiators, nor are they warriors. The gladiators are from a different time and place. The warriors are a tad bit south of you at Joint Base Lewis-McChord when they are not deployed to some far off land. Folks want to take their kids to a football game, good for them.


I wonder if some guy sitting in the traffic saw a scouter and thought, "Sheesh, those guys are just like the Oregon Trail folks hauling their poor offspring into the woods and making them sleep outside the house and cook for themselves and use the facilities outdoors.... They're just like the Donner Party." Many fat dudes wearing scout shirts, like they are really doing any high adventure stuff. OA folks painted up in various weird ways, they're not even real Native Americans...


Spun Thread.... "Who has the better costumes or are more offensive? Redskins fans, or OA vigil members?"

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The Lions open up against the Rams this year. I didn't see Christians on their schedule this year.


Top athletes are becoming bigger and stronger every year. Football had a history during the turn of the century when President Theodore Roosevelt, a former college football player threatened to ban the sport. Back then the equipment was very crude - little padding and a leather helmet. Punching and slugging opposing players was common. In 1905 alone, 18 were killed and 159 were severely injured and there was about one-fifth the number of collegiate players as there is today.


Now, equipment and rules have made the game much safer is some respects but the size, speed and strength of the players make certain injuries such as concussions problematic. I predict the sport's popularity will wane if the injury don't decrease. But yes, there are those that go to a hockey game hoping for a fight, NASCAR hoping for a crash and gravitate toward savagery on the grid iron.

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Where I lived in London I was able to be at professional Soccer game in less than 15 minutes. Back then nearly all the games were played on Saturday afternoons. Fulham and Chelsea played at home on opposite weekends. I never really bothered with Queens Park Rangers.

While I was never what might be termed a die hard fan. I suppose I followed Chelsea more than Fulham. Still if I was free on a Saturday afternoon and Fulham was at home I'd go and watch a game. The nice thing about Fulham was that at half time I could turn around and watch our inter pack district soccer games. The little guys playing in Bishop's Park.

When I moved across the pond it didn't make sense to me that so many people claimed to be Steelers fans but had never ever attended a game.

Then I found out how hard and how expensive it was to get tickets.

In 28 years I've only been once, back in the old Three Rivers Stadium.

Some of my co-workers have season tickets and sell of the tickets for games that they can't make. I seen a notice on a board that someone was selling two tickets for this last pre-season game for $200.00 each.

I don't know but if the tickets for the coliseum were two hundred bucks each I kinda think the Romans might just pay a baby sitter?



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