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Good Evening (on this side of the pond anyway)


Is anyone's else's troop planning on taking part in Jamboree on the Air 19-21 October?




We're planning on being involved and I'm looking for a group across the ocean somewhere to be lined up in advance as I am trying to add a bit of a twist to things. We're having a spy themed camp that weekend and I'm looking for some scouts from elsewhere to help provide some clues to my lot to help them solve a great mystery.


Reply below or ping a PM if you are interested in being involved.

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I am trying to get my Cub Scout Pack lined up for this. We are in Carson City, Nevada. It is the state capital and it is way north of Las Vegas, we are not even close. I am still working on getting a ham radio operator to help us out with equipment.


Good luck!

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I know here in "New" Hampshire in "New" England we are going to be participating at the Lawrence L Lee museum in Manchester, I hope to attend with some of my cubbies but details are still being worked out. . .

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