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We ran ILST this weekend. Kudo's to National for fixing a seriously broken training module.


This syllabus is well done, and has what you need to deliver a good weekend of training.


We added a couple of movies, popcorn, and made it fun.

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We were at one of our Council camps. We had use of the air conditioned lounge,(thank you very much)

and we watched !aster and Commander and Remember the Titans. Both good movies about leadership and team building. Class room work intermixed with outside game time kept things mixed up and mostly awake!

Next time we'll split it up into two days, and do the annual program plan another weekend.

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The big thing we did was have the older scouts in leadership positions teach some of the modules. They did great.


One of our adults did the module on leadership. The BE KNOW DO theme is lifted almost verbatim from US ARMY officer training manuals. FM 200, IIRC. We are lucky to have a retired officer and strong Christian leader who did that module. I'd recommend getting that field manual. Leadership is leadership, be it the battlefield, boardroom or campsite.


We had two brand new scouts with us. I was so impressed that they hung with this training all weekend.

We also had adults do all the cooking so the scouts could focus on the leadership training. We will do this again, RHIR, RHIP. This retreat was the privilege.


I'd be interested in other appropriate movies, too. I'll keep looking.

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A great movie on leadership is We Were Soldiers. Gen. Hal Moore (the then-Colonel in the movie) wrote a number of books and lectures (lectured?) on leadership. Lots of good lines on leadership: "I'll be the first to set foot on the field of battle and the last to leave" and "Take care of each other. Because when the metal hits the meat, each other is all you have." Of course the Sgt. Major, played by Sam Elliot has all the really good lines, none of which are printable here.


Unfortunately, the unedited version of the movie is pretty graphic. I wish I could get a cleaned up TV version of the movie with the tough parts redacted.

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Oh, yeah! I forgot about that one! I remember that scene where he points out the young lieutenant who is checking on the condition of his soldier's feet in training.


There are some issues with the language used, I agree. In the context of teaching a class on leadership, would it be appropriate to show and excerpt of that scene (and maybe other scenes from movies) to illustrate leadership principles? I'm not sure of the legalities, but I understand that there is a legal exception to copyright law that allows the use of short sections of copyrighted films for non-profit educational purposes.


If not whole movies, does anyone have favorite particular sections of films that illustrate key leadership issues?



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I ran a weekend session a couple of years ago...it was a rainy weekend, so we spent a little more time indoors than I'd hoped.


One thing we did that I think was notable was that we had the SPL run a model patrol meeting on Friday night, based on prepping for an outing (all PLs were complete novices). They planned the weekend menu, for example, and they didn't know it at the time, but that became their menu for the training weekend. Their last task was to select from a pile of DVDs I brought.


They selected Band of Brothers, and we finished that evening by watching the first episode. Except they enjoyed it so much, they asked to watch the second one too. We broke about 10pm. It was raining, so we'd have otherwise just done a campfire.


Second night, training pretty much ended with dinner, so we had another rainy evening open. They decided they wanted to watch two more episodes.


So even if Band of Brothers is based around the military, I think it shows quite a bit in terms of team-building and overcoming adversity.



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If anything, the allotted time is a tad on the short side. We went long on just about every module. But then, everyone was well prepared, and we had some good back and forth, too.


We used the rain shortened outside time to get back on schedule.


The overwhelming majority of our scouts asked to have it broken down into two days. There were a lot of sore bottoms end of Saturday!


I thought about We were Soldiers, but that one is too graphic in word and visuals for me to show to an 11-13 year old. Same for BOB. I have them both, and agree, they are good. The first episode might be ok.

Lots of good "bad" leadership in that one.


GClose, this is a totally new syllabus; they mercifully retained nothing from the old.


(This message has been edited by Second class)

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