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Intro & Chuck box question

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I posted this in the New Member forum and figured I'd post it here also.

I'm in search of a stainless steel or aluminum chuck box.


Hello All,


Im currently an ASM for a Troop in south central PA and a father of a 13 year old 1st class Scout (soon to be Star, hopefully if he can get through a final MB). Ive been involved with Scouting since the day my wife & walked into a Pack sign up night with no prior scouting experience and walked out a very apprehensive Tiger Cub den leader.

And Ive been enjoying the Scouting Trail ever since.


I hope you guys dont mind a question or two (or three), but Im in search of a new Troop kitchen box. The current wooden kitchen box we have is on its last leg (literally). I was at our last Council Camporee and I saw a stainless steel kitchen box that looked pretty cool, but I have yet to find any info on the internet as to where to track one down. Any help or links would be greatly appreciated.



YIS Matt

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We built the one the adults use. The troop always used plastic tubs, not chuck boxes. The idea was to build a prototype for the adult to see if there was any interest among the patrols. There wasn't.


Our adult chuch box is much bigger than you would want for patrols -- takes two mules and a jackass to move. One cool thing is it has two large pneumatic wheels and handles so it roll through the woods like a wheelbarrow (does that violate the new health and safety rules?). It was designed by taking all the stuff we wanted to carry and stacking it in a approximate pile, then measuring the pile. We tend to carry a lot of spare parts and program materials the patrols don't routinely need. Boxes for patrols would be considerably smaller.


You're probably going to get a lot of responses that chuck boxes lock you into "plop camping" (a derisive term the folks who like to backpack use for those who don't). Your troop should do what you like. My guys have figured out to take the backpacking stoves on backpacking trips; the two-burner camp stoves on front-country trips and neither when we do wilderness survival.

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"Your troop should do what you like. My guys have figured out to take the backpacking stoves on backpacking trips; the two-burner camp stoves on front-country trips and neither when we do wilderness survival."


Our Troop has the same SOP as yours. Our Scouts have worked hard at fund raising and now are reaping the rewards. New backpacking tents are also on the shopping list.




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Plywood is definitely heavier. A 1/2" footlocker size box weighs around 32lbs empty.....


Stainless looks great until it takes a spill and has a few dents & gouges in it.


Save the back and budget -- get some plastic footlockers or Actionpackers that can be cleaned out with a power-washer once a year....

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We use these: http://www.stanleytools.com/default.asp?CATEGORY=ZAG+ROLLING+WORK&TYPE=PRODUCT&PARTNUMBER=020800R&SDesc=FatMax%26%23174%3B+4%2Din%2D1+Mobile+Work+Station


Utensils & Silverware fit in the partitioned sections on the top. Pots & larger items go in the bin on the bottom. The wheels are heavy duty & roll over rough ground. Handles collapse for storage in the trailer.

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Hi, my name is Barry and I am an engineer and I am on the 12 step program that is supposed to wean me away from inventing, designing, redesigning and then redesigning again during my sleep. Yes, I have designed and redesigned a few Chuck boxes as part of my addiction.


My advice is get the lightest box with enough handles that at least four scouts can carry the beast. I lived in fear of a scout breaking his leg after watching them carry one of my greatest designs down the trail to camp. Oh well, at least it looked good.




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Chuck Boxes are easily designed if you have any skills.

I am Kinda OCD when it comes to My Camp Chuckbox..I want everything where I want it not where someone else thought it should go. I may want to have 4 loafs of bread instead of just two. My Spice Collection tends to be more than just salt and pepper containers. I tend to have about 20 everyday spices on Hand every trip. And I like to bake from scratch so no Box cake mixes for me, I need room for Sugar, Flour, Baking soda, Baking Powder, not to mention things like cream of tartar, corn starch, brown sugar, powder sugar..etc..


And since I host and cook a lot of times I also keep enough plates, cups, bowls and various utensils on hand for at least 20.


Problem with someone else's plans is that they won't fit your equipment.

I use Cast Iron..No flimsy aluminum pots for Me..

Campfire cooking for me..No Campstoves




Yea Yea I know Old school...but seeing as I don't go backwoods Camping or Long Range Recon Patrols and at our local Scout camp we drive down to Camp site and Unload..I don't need a 40 mule team to get it there..And I live in Texas where pick-up trucks are the Normal around here...

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