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How did you celebrate the 4th?

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A casual day for the most part with friends and family. Made a three hour drive and saw at least a half dozen State Troopers with motorists pulled over on the side of the Interstate. Saw a "click it or ticket" (seatbelt enforcement law) billboard. Saw several notices posted reminding folks about fireworks laws and the fines for violating such. Was glad I turned east instead of west on the last highway and so avoided the toll bridge (newly re-tolled, old bridge toll ended decades ago when the bridge was paid off). Read a newspaper story about the Planning Dept. cracking down on some homeowners for not having engineering drawings on file for the septic systems their ancestors put in 90 years ago...


Didn't have the heart to run the ol' Betsy Ross flag up the pole when I got home. Went with the 50-star version instead - I don't think it knows any different, so probably isn't too heartbroken by it all.





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Fellow Scouters,




Travelled about 5000 miles, and had a BBQ with old friend/Scouters from the Pack and Troop I served 15 years ago.


Alot of laughs and many old stories.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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It was Wednesday of Cub Scout camp, so Flags, activities, lunch, activities, flags then, what out camp calls pack out night, the packs cook dinner in the sites for the boys, they supply hot dogs, chips and one s'more per person, we brought the cheeseburgers, pasta salad, LOTS more s'more fixins and steak tips for the leaders once the boys went to sleep. Had half the camp staff show up to share the bounty as they typically get left out when the packs serve the s'mores. They also came flocking when word spread that we had ice cold bottled water (the camp water while luke-warm, does have a nice iron taste to it) so we handed out water and s'mores to the staff and to us it seemed like they were getting steak and lobster. Then the camp fire and the fellowship.

A Great way to spend the Fourth of July. . .The Pursuit of happiness. . .I think I got close.


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