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youngmaster - Thank you for sharing. I hope we don't resurrect this thread. Perhaps, it's just best left that not everyone agrees with you. I hope if you were a leader in my troop, I'd be confident enough to intervene. But, that's my troop. I'm sure your a good leader. We just prefer two very different styles. And what's acceptable in your troop is not acceptable in our troop.


In actuality, I have stepped in with outside scout leaders. I've seen some adults that threaten physical punishments with our scouts. It seemed more like asserting power then addressing any real issue. I just immediately tell our scout that we'll talk about it later and immediately say that we don't accept such punishments in our troop. I'd be very proud if one of my scouts stood up to such a leader and said NO. Same as telling any bully no. But that's our troop.


I think leaders often confuse the Scout Oath "obedient" with submissive. Obedient means following the rules. In our troop, such punishments are taught as wrong and I'd be very proud if one of our scouts stood up to such a situation.




I also think that Sentinel947 7/19/2012 point is important. If you have a scout that has an attitude problem or issue, push-ups is just going to drive a further wedge between you and the scout. Builds resentment.


In the end, some leaders and units may use push-ups productively. I don't think that's what BSA teaches or allows, but that is my opinion and the opinion of our troop. I think it's also clear that is what BSA G2SS says. But there are obviously other adult leaders that disagree.




tgrimstead - Love your story. Now everyone doing push-ups. Cool. I'm fine with that. I'm a big guy, but can still do 35+ pushups.

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Thanks Fred, I do not do physical punishments all the time. But it was the way I was brought up and you can't put that behind you. I think the only time I felt like I abused it was an instance where a kid was overly hyper as we were leaving and I really did not want him bouncing around in my car so I did make him run to a tree a few yards away and back a few times. But if you knew how bad our troop was 4-5 years ago you would see how desperate I am to make sure that never repeats. It's just 10 push-ups, I won't go any higher than that. I realize I am not a sergeant nor a football coach, I'm not even that strict, usually the young fun guy, but when it comes to calling names or fighting, even in good fun, I cannot tolerate it.

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