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Ok maybe I missed this one some where,

Philmont Training Center Masters Award

Why do we need a knot given basically for and recruiting others to attend Philmont training? I am not saying the training is not top notch. But it looks like its main purpose is to increase people going to Philmont training center. (I may be wrong but a trip to Philmont is not cheap )

How about a training knot for us that do things like cpr/ first aid instructors, LNt master educator and trainers ,WFA and ACA and other certified trainers that work with the scouts day to day. Mostly for free.



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First aid / cpr training is all well and good, but it doesn't fill the coffers of BSA.. Consider the knot similar to an FOS knot, rather then a training knot.


I am sure with the economy as it is, there are fewer going to Philmont, so they are trying to find ways to drum up business. It may be an easier knot to earn if you live withing driving distant of Philmont.

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But you do have to go yourself twice, and recruit 3 others to go before you can get the knot. At 495 per trip... That's $2500 in fees, for a square knot.


(Note, does not include airfare, family, etc.)


You can go there to teach a course for free, but that won't get you a knot. (It can get you a pin that goes on the knot.



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