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Youth Protection Quiz II

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Recent headlines reminded me I had a debt left unpaid. I received a lot of GREAT advice with this thread but never closed it out with an update.


I did address this with the SM in person in private. I was told that I did not understand the guidelines. YPT did not apply traveling to or from events / meetings. Plus being listed on the health form enabled an SM, or anyone, to travel alone with a scout.


I respectfully disagreed and offered to seek clarification from the SE. The SM said I had to go through the DE, but my training is that these questions go to the SE. I sought clarification from the SE and it was a short conversation. A parent can not waive YPT, and Scouting activities include travel. No 1 on 1 allowed. The SE had the DE send a letter of clarification to Troop Leadership. I have yet to see the letter (received months ago) but any questionable practices with our Troop have stopped as far as I can see.


Thanks one and all for your input. I think it worked out well. I've fulfilled my obligation, the barriers designed to protect the youth/adults have been restored and no one's name was tarnished.

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Great thread and good discussion. Glad to see everything worked out.


I try to remember that as a registered leader YP doesn't end when the meeting is done. I'm still a registered leader outside of the activities and the YP rules still apply for my interactions with the scouting youth.

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