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Some can be mounted, and some can be just be a token gift. I've receive some gag awards over time, and I've handed out a few.


The Spark Plug Award (putting the spark into Scouting). Some councils host a Wood Badge Reunion, For that I recall the Baby Beads for being the youngest Wood Badger (two pacifiers on a leather cord, mounted on a plaque). I've seen an annual Wood Badge Ticket, the best would receive "The Silver Spade". The Lamp Lighter Award (a coleman lantern keyring) for burning the midnight oil as camporee director many times.


The Golden Rubber Ducky, for the leaders of a campout, which was nearly washed away with all the rain. The campers were expecting the camp to start floating. A Compass Award, for the leader that always gets us lost.


Honorable Awards? Well that would take a while. Alot of parents and adult Scouters work to make their troop run smoothly, some work to make the district and council programs excel. The list of Honorable titles to bestow can go on forever. I'm sure you can find many ways to recognize the fellas and ladies in your local district.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!


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