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Cub Scouts to Eagles

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Eleven years ago, I started a Cub Scout Den of 7 Wolves (plus 2 older brothers who did all our activities, but were actually members of another den). Last month, the last of those 7 scouts had their Eagle ceremony. All 7 made it, as did the 2 older brothers. Scouting was our life, and those boys have memories and friendships that will last their whole life. Anyone know where I could find out how often a whole cub den makes it through the ranks to Eagle?


Waxing nostalgic in San Antonio......

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Amazing Story!


First I'd contact Scouting and Boy's Life mgazine. this is the kind of thing I'd think will make a great story for the magazines. Plus, a side benefit to you, they'll do the research to answer your question.


Congrats to all the young men involved!

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Sounds like you had a great story to tell at the ECOH.


I have three young Cubs that started with me as Tigers and I think that out of the three I can see two that I have a good feeling that they will make it to eagle. The third will probably make it too, but I am unsure if he will join our local Troop.


Here is to the future of these young lads.

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