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Showing Proof of Registration/Insurance

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In the parent thread, SeattlePioneer states that drivers should be expected to show license, registration, and proof of insurance on every trip.


Do people do this? Is this something we should consider? What are the risks of taking the drivers' word on this?


I checked my car - I do have my license, registration, and proof of insurance, although my insurance card does not indicate how much insurance I have. It seems like that would be a key part of verifying the insurance. How would you verify how much insurance someone has?


If you did verify these items, what would you do if someone showed up and didn't have their up to date registration and/or insurance? I know that the updated documents don't always make it into my car as soon as they arrive in the mailbox.


I realize that by itself this doesn't sound like much of a requirement, but when you add it in to all the other things that we're trying to check on before we leave on a trip, it just becomes one more hassle. Just on the adult side, we're trying to make sure that we have the adult food, all the medical forms, the first aid kit, that all the drivers have directions, that all of the stuff fits into all of the vehicles, that all the drivers are there, that we have enough tents for the adults and cooking and cleaning gear, etc. And then we're also working with the Scouts to make sure that every patrol has all of the stuff that they need as well. Could we add this driver verification to the checklist? Yes, we could add it. Should we? Do others? Do you?

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Hello OGE,



Once a year is a LOT better than nothing. But strictly speaking, the trip permit was asking about whether people had those records in hand for the particular outing.


Unfortunately, it's real easy for people to fail to renew their license, registration or insurance or to have had their license suspended or whatever. Unless you check, you probably aren't going to know.


And of course trip permit type approvals are no longer required except for out of council and other kinds of trips.


Of course, it's not a problem unless something goes wrong. Then it can be a big deal and perhaps a major liability.

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I cannot see anything on the tour plan regarding vehicle registration.


I see where you fill in vehicle insurance liability limits but nothing requiring any proof.


Our troop collects this information annually. We do not ask for proof. We take the driver's word on it.

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Seattle Pioneer wrote...


"Of course, it's not a problem unless something goes wrong. Then it can be a big deal and perhaps a major liability."


What would be big deal be?


What would the major liability be?


The way I see it an accident could very well be a "big deal" and there could be "major liability" regardless if there is proof of these items or not.



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Yah, yeh know, we really shouldn't be givin' RichardB any new ideas, eh? :p


I think a parent showin' up to drive is representing to others that they are appropriately licensed to do so. It's not reasonable to run on-the-spot license reviews to see if someone's operator permit has been suspended, and that would be the only real way to ascertain that information since someone with a suspended license may well still be carrying the card. Same with insurance.


As to vehicle registration expiring, that's a civil infraction with a small fine. Why would you care? Are yeh also checking to see if there are any outstanding parking tickets?


Like da others, SeattlePioneer, I'm not seein' this being much of a "deal", let alone a "big deal". What's your theory of liability?




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Oak Tree..

Once a year is enough! We show proof in my son's troop and I'm expecting my parents to do the same. Some parents really don't know their insurance numbers when asked. All the info is listed into the TroopMaster and transferred to the online format that our council will be implementing. There will be no more of paper copy approval method.. *smiles


Drawback I have is that Richard's link below shows 50/100/50. My district does 100/300/100 because of the amount of driving most of us do long distance within our own distance. It was started before we merged and kept. We ASK for the policy contract not the insurance card kept in the car. The registration is asked to get car info like type year and license plate. You'd be surprise at how many don't even KNOW what kind of car they are driving except its a CAR not a VAN or TRUCK... *laughing To those, that is what a car mechanic is for... *grins




Richard.. Nice that National copied the 'Risk Zone' program that Driver's Ed class teach.. *laughing

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That is odd Deaf Scouter.


I don't know why a district would mandate 100/300/100. Or a council for that matter.


Distance has nothing to do with how much liability insurance you should have. You buy enough to protect your assets.


Even the 50/100/50 on the tour plans is a recommendation. The only requirement is that it meet state law.

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