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Cost to a District Per Unit....

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Never saw him arrive, we started dinner, I was workin the tables chatting with families and hear a voice from the stage.


a surgical strike, didn't introduce himself so he could not be told no.....I walked the tables and told the parents it was optional and they were under no obligation to give..... He handed out his own flyers and pens....no idea if he got a dime....


At least this year the DE didn't have the guts to call me and tell me I need to make up the difference between their goal and our actual amount.....


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I would like to know where I can find the official written policy.


If your council has a written policy on the matter, it would be available through your council's professional staff.


More likely, it's just a target, or a goal, that some councils or some districts have. Personally, I'm happy with the philosophy of one of our professional advisers: charge as reasonable a rate as possible, as that will increase attendance. Factor in a small amount of "cushion" in the price, to account for any unexpected expenses that may arise. Yes, council keeps to keep whatever's left over, but it's pretty much a win-win-win: participants are charged a fair, reasonable fee; volunteers running the event aren't forced to cut out program if expenses prove to be more than expected; and the council gets some financial support.


Yes, I'm sure that there's some districts and councils who have less reasonable guidelines, but fortunately I don't have to deal with them :-)

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"DE fired the training chair" ???


Basement, your council is out of control. The DE does not have that power, nor does the SE for that matter. But I'm sure you know that. Why in the world would any volunteer put up with that crap?

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I don't think it is the council....It is our DE.....who by the way is meeting our districts financial goals and recruitment goals.


The rest of the district folks quit in protest is what I am hearing.....


Had a district camporee a couple of weeks ago...they charged $15 a head youth and adult.....We did not participate because that would make it a $25 a person weekend....No patch, the units provided the activities and bought material to do it.....


So where did that money go????? The campground was donated.....

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your a bad boy SP......pushing the button



I would rather shave my head and run nekid thru the street than be even remotely involved with that group....Your maybe even live in a card board box under a bridge.


The good news is the DE probably has his can in such a jam he will leave us a lone for a while. I cannot imagine him surviving this attack of stupid.

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