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Been away for a while - just saying hi

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Hi Scouters! Been away for a while from the forum. Very busy with the troop and all. I stepped down as SM last year after a really fun seven year run. Oh my gosh, the turmoil and triumphs over those years (fairly well documented here in the forum). Happy to say the Troop is still growing, but at a nice steady pace instead of the insane sudden influx we experienced a few years ago. A solid Troop of 26 boys with a fantastic SM at the helm, a fully functioning PLC, and awesome ASMs at his side. Patrol method? Oh yeah!!!!!


I serve as the Troop Committee Chair now and it's a good place for me. I'm very grateful to the new leadership for wanting to keep me on - you know how that can be cumbersome sometimes! LOL.


Figured I'd pop in now and see if I can share an wisdom I've gained over the years with any new Scouters. Or, maybe, just share a laugh with some of the old guard.

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OGE: Nope, sedan chair never quite made it. I do have some wonderful memories of the support from the Scouts and Leaders when I went through the OA Ordeal. The best was them trying to get me to talk by saying things like: I was the new local Republican campaign chair. LOL!

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