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New Tour and Activity Plan

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New Tour and Activity Plan to Be Unveiled




The new online tour and activity plan has been developed and will soon be ready for use.


When compared to the former tour permit process, the new plan will no longer require signatures or approvals. Rather, as the plan is completed online, the required prerequisites for that type of trip or activity will be displayed.


For any prerequisites that have not been met (for example, not having someone on a trip who has Hazardous Weather training where this training is required), and before being allowed to submit the form, the person completing the form will have to certify that all prerequisites will be met prior to conducting the trip or activity. Once submitted, an email notification will be sent to your council, chartered organization, committee chair, unit leader, and emergency contact to let them know that a plan has been submitted. Receivers of this notification can log in to MyScouting and review the plan.


Other tour and activity plan enhancements include the following:


Because email notifications will be sent once a plan has been submitted, it is important to maintain current leadership information in the system.

Links are provided to current program-required training and education.

System prompts and warnings are included.

You will be able to review and fix any deficiencies flagged by the system prior to submitting the plan.

You can store, retrieve, copy, and reuse completed tour and activity plans.

Files such as trekking plans and flight plans may be uploaded.

Unit volunteers who currently have access to the tour and activity plan will be able to view and update all plans submitted for their unit up to the day before the scheduled tour date.

There will be leader certification of the plan prior to submission.

For those who do not have Internet access or simply prefer paper over an electronic version, a PDF version can be found on the tour and activity plan FAQ page.

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You don't need a tour and activity plan for either case. See:


Tour and Activity Plan FAQ:






Scout Wire is an e-newsletter for local and National Council employees focusing on the latest BSA projects and programs, whether they are just getting underway or are being updated with new information. It is published every two weeks by the Internal Communications Department at the National Council.





On May 1, the new online tour and activity plan will be activated for authorized unit volunteers to access in MyScouting. I have not tested the new system but from watching the training video, it appears to be an improvement over the prior online tour plan.


Tour and Activity Plan training video:

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I haven't watched the videos yet but I have a question for those more knowledgeable than I. Do I need a tour plan if I have an ad hoc group of scouts attending an out of council summer camp together? If so who would fill it out? I'm an ASM do i have access?

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Finally got a look at this. My biggest problem with it is that it seems that youth cannot access it. If you want your crew VPs or troop SPLs taking responsibility for their trips, the fillable .pdf's seem like the best way to go.


TL, check with your council, but I suspect one plan under your unit would suffice, especiially if you all are starqting from the same meeting point. Once submitted, send a copy of the plan to the leaders of the other units so they know the unit point of contact, etc...

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My council has posted a link on their website to the video tutorial for the new online tour plan system set to start May 1. However, that still have a lot of the old information on their tour plan faq page. National's faq page is also the old one. They have a new one ready to go, but right now only employees can view it.


The clarification I received from my council that would apply to howarthe's questions is that he would need one for the first case if it is out of council, or if any scout is traveling with someone other than their own parent (and parent is not along). For the second, again only if a scout will be traveling with a nonparent. I don't know, though, how a den or pack would fill out the paperwork for the second case. I can't see filling out one for each day of camp.


Everyone will have to check with their own council once the system goes into effect. I expect changes at both the council and national level within the first month or two after the volunteers provide feedback.

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Let's say a Webelos Den in Wilmington, NC is going to Croatan National Forest, which is another Council. To get there each Webelos parent will be taking them by POV. I've always wondered if a tour plan has to include all the parents vehicle info, etc. or is there some way to do the tour plan without transport and just starting with everyone on site?

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Under the part " Party will travel By ( check all that apply"


I wrote " personal owned vehicle "


Didn't have a problem at all. Departing place was the destination itself since we did not convoy ( not allowed) and since we did not have an officail meeting spot other than the actual camp area.


Plus, you figure that depending on work and what not, people will arrive at different times. I am

"usually " the fist one at our campsites by a couple hours.

Some folks don't get there until after dark. We start our campouts late on Friday afternoon, but some don't show until Saturday morning.


If you have a problem , call Beth at the council office. Trust me, she's the person you contact if you really want to find out what's going on.

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Chris the other thing to remember is every council is different......Our council does not use the BSA myscouting tour plan at all. We use doubleknot to submit our tour plan and then we don't need one any longer if we camp with in our council and don't do high adventure.

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Funny thing is, our council website still has a link for "tour Permit" but when you click on it, error 404 or something like that pops up. You have to click on teh "National Forms" link, then click on tour permits.


You also don't get a signed paper copy of it afterward unless you specifically ask for it.

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