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It has been awhile...

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I originally joined the Scouting movement at an age I can not recall, but I joined as a Beaver in Canada, that the eqivalant to Tigers. I then moved onto Wolf Cubs, I then moved to the United States and I was enrolled back into Wolf Cubs, I then progressed into Bears, and then WEBELOS.


I then had my Blue and Yellow ceremony (I believe that was the name of it) and I received my arrow of light, and was one of two WEBELOS in my pack to move onto Scouts with the Super Achiver badge.


I remained in Scouts until 2003 when I had to ove back to Canada, I then enrolled back into Scouts in Canada where I remained for about a year after I dropped out, as it was not as entertaining as Scouts in the US. After that I became involved with the Cadets Program.


I am now out of Cadets, and just joining up with this site to see how Scouts is doing in my old home!


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