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Scout Sunday Patches

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Initially, I was going to refer you to the online scout shop at scoutstuff.org. When my local scout shop runs out of participation patches, I find that I can often find the patches I need at the online store. I can't find a 2012 Scout Sunday patch in the catalog right now either, just a discontinued 2011 version. And in my experience, that means that the local shop won't be getting any stock soon.


My other favorite source for participation patches is thepatchplace.com. There is a wide selection of patches and service has been great. The patch size is a little smaller, the design isn't as elaborate and there is no BSA motif anywhere, but the price is friendly.


I also like the look of the participation patches at Patch Connection (www.patchcon.com) but I have no experience with this vendor.


There is also PatchSales.com. I have ordered from this site and I was not impressed with the quality of the patches.(This message has been edited by sasha)

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If your shop is a nationally owned one, the manager or asst.( you can tell b/c employees wear teh gold loops and managers in dress uniforms) will usually take an order for you, and make calls to other stores to get it for you. So see if you can order it.



If your shop is a council owned one, then try contacting a national one.

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