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Well, here is my go at this...

North, Osprey, Kelty, adds Requirements, Orange Juice, Troop 324

Northeast, Sea Lion, old canvas, Stifles boy leadership, Yoohoo, Troop 118

East, Grizzly, Big Agnes, lax on bullying, coffee, Troop 275

Southeast, Mule Deer, Dome, Losses Temper, Diet Coke, Troop 764

South, Prairie Dog, Euraka, Helicoper Scouter, Gatorade, Troop 123

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Well, I guess you can see the problem with too hypothetical of a question.


While others assume its a vendetta, I actually based it onw hat you said - which was having proof that the leaders violated YPT.


But that's also a problem. Sinvce it was hypothetical, I pretty much use the parts and piece of the problem that my mind creates or makes up, which may not be anything like what your mind made up, nor anything like the other posters' minds made up.


And sometimes, the very tiniest detail of what really happens can determine wether something is a blatant violation, or well withing guidlines.


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Would you guys quit talking about the number that comes after three? I have found as I get older I move my lips when I read to myself and everytime I see the number that comes before five I duck. Must be from being a Caddy for all those years.


BTW, I would determine which of the Troops are Catholic and throw their detestable butts right out of the environs altogether


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***Spoiler Alert - solution is in this post


The contestants' answers were more fun than the solution - the judges will have a hard time deciding which answer was best.


But here's the boring solution, listing the campsites and the details on the SM of the Troop in each site, listed in North to South order:


In campsite Osprey, Troop 324's SM drinks orange juice, adds requirements to MBs and rank, and sleeps in a Big Agnes backpacking tent.


In Campsite Sea Lion, Troop 118's SM drinks YooHoo, stifles boy leadership, and sleeps in an old canvas wall tent.


In Campsite Grizzly, Troop 275's SM drinks coffee. His short temper makes him fly off the handle at scouts sometimes. He sleeps in a Coleman dome tent.


In Campsite Mule Deer, Troop 764's SM drinks Diet Coke, is lax about curbing a bully, and sleeps in a Kelty backpacking tent.


In Campsite Prairie Dog, Troop 123's Scoutmaster Drinks Gatorade, is a helicopter scouter, and sleeps in a Eureka Timberline tent.


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