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EAGLE scout mentor Pin help

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I recently made eagle and am starting the court of honor planning. I was thinking about it and one person i would like to have given a mentor pin to has passed on. im wondering if anyone has done this and or heard of this and how it was done thanks.

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First, congratulations for your hard work and success.


I've never seen it done before, but I figure his/her next of kin will gladly recieve it on their behalf. Just attach the pin to a thank-you card. At your court of honor, read your card before giving to the family member. If they aren't present, read the card anyway and make a commitment to take it to them at the next opportunity.

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Congratulations! I just wanted to say that this is a fantastic idea. You may think you are just doing what is nice, but you are about to create a very special moment in someone's life.


Great job.


Without really knowing any detail, perhaps also sharing a memento that represents the relationship might be nice, if appropriate. My son already has planned to give his first Den Leader a framed certificate that he earned at a Tiger Cub event.

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One of the best Scouts I ever met gave a posthumous mentor award, I told him to.


His thoughts were how can I do this the man is dead? Well the military gives awards like that all the time.


The Eagle did improvements to a NY State Park. The Park Manager had a negligent discharge with a handgun after hunting on Thanksgiving day. He died immediately.


We contacted the Park staff told them what the boy Eagle wanted. The Park Staff contacted the wife. The Eagle had his ceremony and when the time came he asked Mrs. Parkmanager to come up. He read something to her and pinned the mentor pin to her jacket.


My son was one of the boys in the Troop and greatly admired the Eagle(he was my son's Den Chief) and remarked, "I was crying, she was crying and Chuck was crying. I could'nt hear what he said to her before he gave her the pin but I'm sure it was important to her."


It will make to NOK remember what his/her loved one did for you.


Congrats on your coming advancement.

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