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Advice for a Buddhist cub-Parent

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Let's see. I was a Cubmaster. I am a Scoutmaster. I am Buddhist. Our COR is a Methodist Church. We have Methodists, Catholics, Buddhists, Christians (variations thereof), Jewish, Muslims, Islams,... We have 113 scouts and we have no problems with reciting ... duties to God. The Scout Law has it "a scout is reverence."


Our COR's is the pastor of the Church and he explained it to our boys this way: "the meaning of reverence is: to regard or treat with deep respect. It doesn't matter what your religion is, scouting expects you to have deep respect for your belief and its teaching. Everyone has someone who deserves this deep respect. For me, it is God, but for others, it is Buddha, Mohammad, etc ..."


We don't get into the deep debate of the definition of God. We expect each member of the Troop to have his "God" and his reverence to "God."


Our troop is thriving. The problem that we have is not about God, but how do we continue to grow without overcrowding! Sometimes, people limit interpretation of the Cub Scout Promise, the Scout Oath, and the Scout Law to what they want to hear when they are really should be teaching the boys to love, learn, and honor their belief.

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"For Cub Scouts (and parents) I define the duty to God as:


1) Following the faith of your family


2) Respecting the religious beliefs of others.


That's worked pretty well. "


And that is pretty much WOSM's definition of it, per their documents. AFAIK, its the BSA's as well.


They don't allow you to change "Duty to God" to use different wording, but allow/encourage you to interpret it as you see fit.



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