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My son spent 4 years in Cub scouts and now 5 years with his troop. He is one of the oldest boys in the troop. While he is not an offical ASPL, the troop has two designated ASPLs, he and the SPL are best buddies and have been since cub scouts. The SPL often chooses my son to help manage the troop due to thier friendship.


Last night my son and the SPL presented a Good Cop/Bad Cop routine on how to pack for cold weather camping for the troop. They each brought a pack, one with silly nonsensible stuff and one with appropriate gear. One had a sombero, the other a wool cap, etc. The boys not only had the proper gear to show and demonstrate but were able to explain how and why with no prior preparation. They just got up and discussed things like keeping your face out of you sleeping bag so you don't exhale moisture into your bag.


Just so happens both lads have the same pack and same sleeping bag. They have camped and tented together for years. They were equally familar with each others gear.


It was really satisifying to see my son teaching and sharing his love and knowledge of outdoor skills with the younger scouts. The new scouts were oohing an ahhing over his knowledge, gear and skill level. The SPL and my son were able to hold their attention and share valuable information with just their presence and charisma. No need to continually call the crowd back into order or quiet hecklers.


Unlike sports there are not many times in scouts when individual make game changing plays. There are no pretty cheerleaders shouting your jersey number or name. There are times spent around campfires remembering the challenges of times past. But it was really special to see my son make the play, score the goal, or lead the team to victory not just as a team member but as a leader and teacher.


Just wanted to share a proud father moment.

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You're right to be proud. I often share one of the benefits of popcorn is getting boys out of their comfort zone. When my oldest son was a Tiger, we wnt to sell popcorn at a store. He was afraid to talk to anyone, but a Webelos Scout literally put his arm around his shoulder and siad, C'mon, I'm going to teach you how to sell popcorn. Fast forward a few years and I have an SPL who is confident in front of a crowd. He just gave his 5-minute speech for Commo MB last week (OK, 8.5 minutes) on Winter Camping. Although he's in front of scouts every week, it was his first formal speech and he did very well.


My other son is a PL and I expect similar from him as he progresses.


Scouts offers each and every boy a chance to excell. Sometimes at stuff he's not good at.

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Congratulations. We often recognize others when a specific milestone is met such as Eagle, but it's these seemingly routine activities where the real character building shows through. You have every right to be proud. And take a bow yourself for being there for your son.


One of the proudest moments I had was picking my son up one Saturday when he was working camp staff. A parent had noticed me walk up and help him load his laundry into the car. He pulled me aside and asked if that was my son. I said yes and he told me his son, first year at camp had really connected with him. He said his son was shy and really nervous about going away to camp but made a point of tracking down my son and introducing him to his parents as his favorite staff member.







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