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things to do in Las Vegas

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last weekend my eagle sons and I visited Old Fort Vegas, we were surprised to find a reanactment group who informed us they are there the last weekend of every month with lots of civil war uniforms for staging a day of fun and education. The told me they can also do the American Heratige MB for a group on that visit. My son's pointed out that a great Eagle project is there to be had by restoring the pioneer garden that is in disrepair

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7220 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119 ... Las Vegas Scout shop. My wife and I were there two months ago. Nicest staff and scout store I've seen. Spent four nights and five nights in Vegas. Only souvenirs I bought were from the scout shop.


My wife was frustrated. It would have been $40 cheaper if we did not rent a car during our trip. Then I sheepishly admitted I wanted to hit the scout store.


Love the council patch. It's red with the big diamond Vegas sign that you see when you enter the city.(This message has been edited by fred8033)

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