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Scouts and Power Tools

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Yah, hmmm... oops. I might have seen a pre-release of da stuff coming in January. I do remember commenting on it very negatively :p


For the next month at least, yeh can continue scouting as we have for 5 generations, and teach kids to use tools properly in da performance of their duties. ;)




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Eagledad writes:


Hmm, does the laser level come under laser gun or power tool?


Obviously a laser level is prohibited as a power tool, in accordance with Department of Labor regulations for under-age workers.


As you should know, Barry, the Guide to Safe Scouting (GtSS) does NOT prohibit real lasers, just "laser guns."


Laser guns are not lasers, they shoot the same infrared rays as entertainment center remote control devices. Infrared devices are prohibited not because they pose any physical danger to Boy Scouts, but because they cause bad thoughts: It is unScoutlike to point an infrared device at another human being.


The January edition of GtSS will introduce the BSA's newest Baden-Powell quote: "Scouting is a Game with a Parlour." Wood Badge history experts invented it to highlight the national safety committee's exciting new program, "Parlour Scouting in the 21st Century," designed to attract modern boys to Scouting.


Because of the obvious dangers that infrared devices pose to Scouting's deeply held values, remote controls will no longer be permitted in uncontrolled environments. Boy Scouts will once again be required to use their traditional leadership skills to organize Patrol Hikes from the couch to the television, just as Baden-Powell intended.


Note that these restrictions apply only to "uncontrolled environments." Remote control devices are still allowed for movie night lock-ins that take place on gun ranges, with the television downrange and the remote control operated from a prone position on a mattress under qualified supervision.


Scouting's timeless values still apply, of course: The rangemaster will allow a Scout to load the device with batteries only when the television screen does not include the image of a human being.


Yours at 300 feet,




Traditional Bad Thoughts Boy Scout Games:




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