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Atlanta Area Recruiting Campaign

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This is questionable, terrifying, but somehow I think it might be genius.


Why would I say something in such poor taste is genius? Shock-value. It is shocking to look at this ad.


My guess is that this ad not only draws your attention but holds it for a much great period of time. That means you're more likely to go to a website for more information than looking at some of the Nationally produced ads which are in better taste, but are pretty bland.


Also, when you add it up, the pictures aren't really that grotesque. They're actually kind of humorous.


If this makes people in the Atlanta area talk about Scouting, it's a success. It appears it's doing just that.


While it seems wrong on the surface, I think this is a carefully calculated ad campaign that took a stroke of pure genius to come up with. How do the Boy Scouts rebrand themselves and newer and cooler? Try a brush with controversy!

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