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Advice for handling Troop split

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I need some advice from the more experienced Troop hands.


Our large Troop seems to have a number (6-12) families who wish to leave for a neighboring unit. The perceived complaints are:


1-dissatisfaction over boy-led meetings vs "super cub scouts".

2-dissatisfaction over Patrol-based vs Troop based activities.

3-concerns over bullying (though most seems to be internal to the boys who are leaving)

4-not kicking boys out of meetings for not being in uniform. (we give rewards for in-uniform and would rather them be there. Not my call but not our top issue.)


The unit they are going could be described as a car camping, bling happy, Eagle factory. Different strokes.


My question is how do we handle the situation before they leave? Their boys are already shirking patrol and POR duties. I think the parents are waiting out their terms. Do we address the parents who remain lest they think some terrible thing happened?



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My advice.


1) Give those who are in PORs warning NOW that they are not doign their jobs properly and you will not sign off on that requirement. Better doit now than wait until the term is over and they expect it signed.


2) For those not in PORs, I'd have the older scouts talkt to them abotu doig their fair share. If they don't want to do their share, encourage them to leave now.



Funny thing, we had a scout transfer out of my troop. He wasn't happy with the way things were. But he transfered about 18-24 later back into the troop as we were more active.

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My sympathies. You could be talking about our troop right now. Does the split include Facebook drama and loud sighs about 'true friends'? My advice is to complete the transition as professionally and quickly as possible, then get on with the business of scouting.

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If all they are doing is hanging around to get signed off on POR, they are obviously only worried about themselves. I would hand them their current records and wish them well with the new troop. Obviously the consensus here is a parent-led program. I would get them out of there asap and get back to the boy-led program that is promoted by BSA.



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The problem is only 1 guy has said something; everything is 2nd or 3rd hand. I believe it is true but have to wait until they actually say something. Don't want to chase someone out. The "ringleader" is the worst helicopter Dad I have ever seen; I do not think he is really gonna get a "better deal" at the new Troop as he thinks.


Feel bad for our new SM who may take it personally but I think we will be better off.

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Wow. Where have I heard this before? Here's a few suggestions to make sure you avoid that slimy feeling.


Let the SM know he might get an "influx". Explain the situation as you understand it, and ask him if you could touch base in a few months to see if he hears something that your troop may need to address.


Dismiss boys from POR's based on performance only. If one of these boys has been doing his job, but wants to try out the other troop because his buddy just relocated there, make note of his time served and encourage the new SM to line up a similar position for the lad.


Make sure your even-handed about the POR's and review every boy in a position regardless of his intent to leave the troop.


If a camporee is not in your future, suggest to your SPL a joint outing with the other unit. Maybe one where you all share the same campground but your boys do their thing during the day while the other troop does theirs. Camp at a reasonable distance, but plan for an evening campfire together.


Ask the boys leaving if they would be willing to donate uniform parts (#s, neckers) specific to your troop so that new boys who join could use them.


Yes, you will have to address the parents who remain. Let them know if they want a thorough explanation, come to the next committee meeting. Tell them you really appreciate seeing their boys every week, and would appreciate continuing to do so. Explain that you want their boys to maintain goodwill to the other boys so that the scout spirit will be alive in both troops.


You're probably going to loose a committee position or two, so have the CC announce the vacant positions. Have the CC make solid plans for school recruitment, because those dozen boys potentially mean 12 less boys invited to your troop.

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Lots of good advice here:


1) SM needs to have a SM conference with each Scout in a POR. Make it universal. Define, in simple words, what you expect for PORs to be signed off.


2) Have a friendly cup of coffee with the gaining SM. Eagle Mill or not, he deserves to know.


3) Tell the parents, politely but firmly, what the standards are. If they aren't willing to have their kids meet the standards, then have a stack of Scout apps ready, and invite them to join that new Troop.


4) Situations like this are why I do not like "Scout Accounts." If the Scout leaves the unit, anything other than deposits/payments for Council Camp or HA should stay with the unit. Period. I can hear the whine of the helo turbines spooling up on this one even here.



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