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Pet peeve of mine for the past few years and I am curious if anybody else experiences this.


September, we spend the month organizing,recruiting and preparing for 5 weekends of popcorn sales. October is Popcorn (for us) with 1 weekend off before two weeks collecting food for the needy. Our Council has been using this 1 weekend off for University of Scouting!? There are 6 or 7 months with barely anything on the District or Council Calendars. This leads me to the conclussion that they cannot read calendars.


Any thoughts or comments?


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Our Council had a similar calendar, but they moved UoS to the end of January - so that gives a little more "room".


But most districts will not schedule too many things on weekends in February & March due to the multiple Blue & Gold banquets that are happening. (I think the only "scheduled" item we have is a Training Day in early February.)

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So why are you doing 5 weekends of popcorn sales?????


It is a simple enough fix. Cut it back to 3 and you have two free weekends.


University of scouting is optional. another free weekend.


Scouting for food is kinda fixed so no help there.


All activities in scouting are optional. You can say no.

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It's important for people to be trained to fill positions they are assigned --- October is a good time for that I think.



I had an integrated and planned September that worked well.


Our first meeting of the school year was also our recruiting night September 14th. We had the first den meetings September 19th, one aim of which was to prepare for a hike on Saturday, September 24th.


The hike was at Corp of Engineers locks in Seattle-- http://www.google.com/search?q=ballard+locks&hl=en&rlz=1T4GUEA_enUS381US381&prmd=imvns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=aVGgTpS4JK39iQK6ku1Z&ved=0CIgBELAE&biw=1024&bih=540


It's a fun hike with lots of activities, and we did a popcorn site sale at the entrance as well to get new and existing families into the swing of selling popcorn.


We closed out out popcorn sale at our October 17th pack meeting, so the popcorn sale didn't interfere with other activities.


Our council had it's major training program October 15th ---- unfortunately I couldn't attract anyone other than myself to attens --- I was leading the Tiger Cub Den Leader training.


You do you best. I think we did well.

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Let's face it - September - October - November is shot for most of us. I hate the idea but the first weekend of December would probably be ideal for Training. It would give us time to recruit new leaders, get them situated with their YPT and have them with BSA ID Numbers. It would allow everybody to have a chance to catch their breath and not be overwhelmed.


And before anybody asks, yes I have submitted this idea multiple times.

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