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When you see something you don't like, you have many options. Pick whichever one you want. But every now and then you might want to think about how effective you are being at getting the changes you'd like to see. If what you're doing is working for you, that's fine. If it's not working, that's something to think about.


If you complain a lot, and then find that people don't like you - well, maybe that's a correlation and maybe it's not.


I think a friend is more likely to get me to consider changing my mind.

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There is no professional manual of "Moral Turpitude". The prevailing attitude seems to be handle each case quickly,if it is necessary dismiss the volunteer and do it in a way that is airtight to prevent any future lawsuits from that individual against the BSA.


In my years as a DE I saw two volunteers memberships permanently revoked, and an FD and SE fired from the BSA for money and morality issues.

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