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Red Cross training cuts?

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Has anyone else encountered difficulties in signing up for Red Cross training sessions?


I recently tried to find a combo course - adult/infant/child CPR and First Aid course. From now until the end of 2012, there is exactly one being offered in my local region.


The local office said there have been cuts to training and that it's now all scheduled through a national training office, rather than by the local branches.


I can still get my certifications by taking separate programs, but that both increases my cost and my scheduling challenges. It was really nice to be able to knock everything out in a single day.

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Yeah I tried to do it through the ARC to with no luck. I contacted a private training center which offered a GREAT course, but the fee wasa bit higher than what my leaders wanted to pay.


So one of our leaders contaced the training officer of the local EMS station andf she put together a American Heart Assoc Certified CPR/First Aid class together for us for $10.00 a person .


The fee covered materials and the certification cards.


She brought 2 assistants with her and enough adult, child and infant CPR maniquins and plenty of handouts and booklets for first aid.


We have 95% of our adult leaders certified now and will be having another class this Dec for the rest of the leaders who didn't make last class and new leaders who signed up since then.



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Check around to see if any of your local venturers or scouters are certified to teach. I know in my neck of the woods we have 2 ARC instructors (1 who also teaches W&RFA), my self as a AHA instructor, and one who is ceretified via a different agency.


I know I offered one time to teach at cost, and no one took me up.

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I have been both an ARC and AHA instructor for years. my advice is if you are an ARC instructor cross over as soon as possible. I teach for my college and for the lay public. The arc class cost $130 as listed the same AHA course my college charges $50 for and pays me a small stipin . When I teach for scout troops i charge about $10 to cover the price of the card and supplies. Its free if you do not a card (friend and family program or for a merit badge requirment) fr-john

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