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Roundtable goes the way of the Dodo......

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Maybe it is a local thing, your District or Council has decided to do away with them.


The artical is interesting.. So maybe next year we will have "virtual" round tables..?? That's not what the article says that is just my imaginative spin on their question of How can we use technology to support our roundtable leadership?..



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They did say that it was based on a recent study done by the BSA and it was being implemented nationally.


He went on to say that they were moving to doing it online at the national level. They felt that more people would "attend" and Skype type meeting than actually go to a meeting with real people.

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If this is indeed a National change then IMO the BSA is even bigger trouble than I ever imagined. What on earth makes them think volunteers in a district will skype any more than go to a meeting? With National planning to eliminate more and more councils in the new "MEGACOUNCIL PLAN" the need for roundtables would become even more crucial, not less.


With no local BSA structure or support I can see the district and unit scouting program flounder even more than it is now. What's next a virtual DE who answers any question with "I will have to look into that and get back to you." and you never do hear anything back.


We will just have to wait and see if this is indeed true.

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If true, I guess I retired from the RT Commish position at the right time. But considering how rebellious our district is, we'll probably continue holding them whether or not National likes it. We might just call it a different name if need be.


Oh, and BadenP, don't give National any ideas. Imagine how much $$$ they could save if they could axe all the DE's and use your virtual substitute in their place. :)

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I like roundtable it is a great concept.


But I read here what it is supposed to be and I have never experienced that. Not mad about it just saying.


I drive over an hour in rush hour traffic to the geographic middle of our district. I figured out the scout population center of the district and it is about 10 minutes from my house. hmmmm.


I won't miss the inside jokes

I won't miss the Township and school rivalry's

I won't miss the Boy Scout RTC winging the meeting

I won't miss the Cub RTC reading directly from the book

I won't miss being snubbed by the GOBC

I won't miss being shamed for not chipping in for coffee and cookies, I am not eating or drinking them

I won't miss the monthly FOS pitch



I will miss the event flyers from council. I wonder if my troop and Pack can join another district.

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Well, I will bet you that our district will be rogue because we will keep having RT's


WE enjoy them. A one hour meeting always ends up being a 45 minute meeting and then another 45 minutes of hanging out with friends.


Maybe National will create an adult laziness award knot:


1st requirement: do as much council and district interaction as you can will sitting in your own house while at a computer.


Of course, it won't really be a square knot or any knot at all. it will just be a pile of rope that nobody tied into a square knot because nobody showed up- because they wera at home on a computer.

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WOW!!! And here I thought I was just joking!!!


Well I see good & bad.. 1/2 our district does not come down from the north to go to RT, they might go to virtual. But, it is a place to learn from others then just the ones standing up in front of the group peddling their wares..


It would be better if they could do both. Hold the RT, but have a way to have those who find it a difficult drive be able to stay at home and tune in for a video replay..

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Really no reason they could not continue with a physical roundtable, but broadcast it at the same time to those that want to use that method, or are unable to be there for this particular meeting. The technology is available, though many still do not use it, or understand it. Not sure we would see any better participation one way or the other. If you are too busy to go to a meeting, you may be too busy to go to one on-line. Hard to say.


But, the biggest issue is loss of the fellowship element. Face to face is still the part of RT that is best for many of us.

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If your district has a roundtable that is worth attending, consider yourself fortunate.


Been in three different councils in the last few years. Even in the districts that had a good RT, it is a long drive and another evening away from the family.


Gotta admit, reading Basement's list of what won't be missed, I too am more than a little weary of the good ole boy club. Amazing how unfriendly groups can be, especially in scouting.

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Here's a reality: I have learned more useful stuff about scouting - in terms of history, best practices, current BSA policies & rule changes, good scoutership, and just dealing with people & problems - here on this forum, than ever was the case in my district's real-life RTs.


What's more, I have only rarely felt snubbed for being (gasp) female here, or for asking a question that is new to me - but not new to many of you. I can't tell you how many RTs and other events I've gone to where it is a bunch of people who all know each other, patting each other on the back for being super-awesome. It is hard to break into that group, or to challenge conventional wisdom, or to bring up concerns or problems being faced in the local unit (especially when the problem includes conflicting adults), in that context.


Now in reality, I also have gotten to know many "mover and shaker" sorts from RT, and I've made some friends there, too. I've appreciated putting together names & faces of adults from units around the district, which is another great purpose of RT. But in terms of actual growth in scouting knowledge and practice, I'm sorry, these forums beat my local RT hands down. My local RT is only there 2 hours a month. And most of that 2 hours is spent sitting on my butt, listening to someone's poorly planned out blather or sales pitches that aren't relevant to my needs as a scout leader. Here, the discussions are usually interesting and typically informative or thought provoking. And you're all always here, even at 3 in the morning.


So thanks to you all for being a great virtual RT for me in the last 6 years. If that makes me a lazy scouter, well, so be it. I'll pick up my knot the next time I attend one of those RT leader awards nights.



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Well, I admit, there are those RT's that are centered on popcorn, and recharter.


At l;east the recharter is informative and helps.


The popcorn RT is a joke: The guest speaker will tell us that cub scouts and their parents just cannot wait to go out and sell to the public which is made up of people who cannot wait to buy $16.00 a handfull for popcorn!


Then it comes down to the deal closer: Sell $28,000.00 of popcorn, and you get a plastic spider ring or a SpongeBob temporary tattoo! :p


But we do hold an ice cream social at our June RT and we, the attendees decide and vote on next years RT topics.



And maybe that's trhe difference> Our RT commissioner and DE let us pick what kinds of things get said, done or explained at RT.


Afterall, RT is for us, not them!


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