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When I tried to get in, I kept being redirected to some site that was all about celebrity scandals.

Looked like it was a little too hot for an old fellow like myself!

When I tried just now to enter by the link that leads to what has been posted in the last 24 hours, I got an Server Error message.

Everyone is busy watching the new season on TV or posting pics on the Troop web site from summer camp!


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As moxieman said, it appears that all of the posts in all sections of the forum from sometime on Sept. 4 and sometime on Sept. 26 seem to have been wiped out. That includes some entire threads. I know I just recently posted on the thread in Open Discussion called "What if the BSA had required that its members be Christian," or words to that effect. That entire thread is gone.


I wonder whether the posts are still recoverable somewhere.

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