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Humiliation or just being goofy...who decides?

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Okay, the only way I can begin to explain this is to not even explain it.( see link at bottom of page)


Every year, we'd lose a few scouts here or there. One year it might be 10 out of 120 scouts, Next year it might be 3 out of 80 scouts. Might be 2 out of 100 scouts....but you always lose a few. Could be mom or dad or it could be they go to another pack because of schedule/chemestry/CO/conveinence, etc...


So at our 2nd or 3rd pack meeting of the year, I had an idea.


I made a bet with all my cub scouts last year. I bet that 70% of the scouts in all the dens had to earn rank and see the whole year through.


Then I told them I didn't think they could do it.


When they shouted : "YES WE CAN!"


I said : "You wanna bet?"


And we bet. Their terms.


The bet was if 70% of the scouts in all the dens met rank and stuck the entire year out...I had to dress like a ballerina for the last pack meeting.


And I did. Complete ballerina outfit as well as my hiking boots, scout hat, necker and scout socks.


The laughed at me. I mean laugh so hard you fall on the floor and almost wet you pants. The pointed, laughed some more, clapped and cheered and hollered at how silly I looked and how I loost, they won etc...


Parents told me that they didn't think I'd really do it as well as a few leaders.


Now, this was my first year as a CM, but after that night, almost every person told me they had alot

more respect for me because I did what I promised I'd do, I showed them that keping your word meant something even if it was from an adult to a child, and that laughing at your own self is fun and okay.


My leaders told me they had no doubt that I was the perfect person for the job, and the scouts thought I was great because I have no issues acting silly and being just like them when the time calls for it.


And as far as I know, all the boys have finished therapy by now! :)


And we only lost one scout all year - because the family moved due to dad having a job transfer .


So what is my pointy after all the jawjacking and rambling on:


I know alot of you would be too scared or humiliated to do what i did . But I wasn't. I stood up in front of everybody in a pink unitard and pink tutu and scout necker/boots/hat/socks etc..

Did the intro, called attention, emceed the awrds, gave out awards to leaders for their service, sang several songs with the scout and gave a great CM minute about being able to relax and laugh at yourself.


Now...if you consider yourself brave and not easily scared:




EDITED TO ADD: I somehow screwed up the link, so copy and paste the ENTIRE like to see what I am talking about.(This message has been edited by scoutfish)

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I have to sleep tonight, so there is NO WAY I'm following that link. Besides, when it comes to losers-of-bets-to-scouts these old eyes have seen too much ...


But from the bottom of my heart on behalf of those boys: THANK YOU. There's one more pack who knows their CM loves them.

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I've seen some crazy stuff done. I worked at a Scout Camp for 6 summers, and we did a lot to break the monotony and to make the campers laugh.

Scoutfish, so far this takes first place on the list.


Now, if your Committee Chair made you do this, we might have to call it hazing!!

And if you did it more than once a year, we might have to call the police!! :)

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Reminds me of the time Sam Walton wore a grass skirt and did the hula on Wall Street in 1984. And yes, it did motivate us to make 8% pre-tax profit.


I did something similar a few years ago. I agreed to dye my hair pink for a week for every $1000 in popcorn sales the troop had.

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