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Question - Buisness logos on scout items

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I have a question for the group: Is it ok by BSA rules to put business logos of scout items? For example, can you put a business logo on Troop "class B" t-shirts if that business pays for them? Can you put a business logo on the Troop trailer if that business contributes to the purchase of the trailer or supports the unit in other ways?


I have not found any guidance about this in BSA regulations, but perhaps I haven't looked hard enough.



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Don't do it. There is a reason the BSA will not allow wearing uniforms for commercial solicitation and lack of advertising in handbooks. In the earlier days, Boy Scouts were shown advertising Coke and Daisy BB guns but along the lines they stopped. I don't know why. But allowing endorsement of a business isn't the greatest idea. Allow me to copy a scenario from Ask Andy:


Tom, Dick, and Harry, all business owners, donate equally to your troop's new trailer. Tom wants "Tom's Children's Books" painted on the side. OK, no big deal. Dick owns a different sort of business, and wants "Dick's Liquor & Tobacco" on the side of the trailer. Hmmm, now what? Well, maybe it's not too bad, because Dick's been a local business for a half-century and everybody knows him anyway. Now Harry wants his business's name on your trailer, too. It's "Harry's Adult Books and XXX Videos." Now what? You've already said yes to the others, so how can you refuse? This situation exaggerates, of course, but the point remains: When you put a commercial business's name and/or advertising on Boy Scout stuff, you suggest endorsement by the Boy Scouts in general and your troop in particular, and maybe this isn't such a great idea in the long run, because you can wind up in a compromising situation. This is called "The Law of Unintended Consequences" and it never gets better or goes away by itself.

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I say it depends.

I say the usual Troop wouldn't accept a donation from a XXX adult porn shop.

Walk thru the last couple Jamborees, you'll see Council Camp gateways with various sponsors either obliquely acknowledged or out and out emblazoned. I remember an Iowa gateway with LOTS of green and yellow tractors and combines on it , and another with cheese pizza slices cleverly holding up the council name, ""When in Capital City, visit 'Somebody's Pizzaria' Main Street"".


I have seen a Troop bus "courtesy Smith's Insurance Agency" and certainly have seen Scout fund raising dinner and show programs with ads "From Samson's Greek Restaurant" and "Jones Lawn and Garden Service".

True, policy requires that Scout units not solicit donations, that they should "earn their way" by providing "worth for the money". If that worth is gourmet popcorn, and the purchaser agrees to pay the posted price for the alloted amount of popcorn, so be it. If the Troop and the purchaser of the trailer agree to putting the trailer purchaser's name on it, there's the worth: advertising and public goodwill.


Front of Tshirt: "Troop XYZ IS ON THE MOVE!" (picture of boots kicking up dust)

Back of Tshirt: "YOU'RE FOLLOWING A SCOUT FROM TROOP XYZ "(smaller letters: "helped along by Jenkins plumbing, Inc.")

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The way I see it - and I might be completely wrong in how I see it - there is a diference between selling NASCAR style sponsor advertising on your trailer, uniform, anything else tied into your units name, etc... versus recognizing an entitry that gave the unit a huge break or donation of equipment.


But in the case of the trailer, we plan on doing what we can to be thrifty on our next trailer.


WE are working on it now, and have just about finalized the etails on buying a 6X12 trailer for half price.


We are gong to put our scheme on the trailer with a small area that will have a 12" X 12" logo of the trailer dealer .


Simple, effective and nothing saying that we are corporate partners or such.

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Ya know it depends on who you are. Coucil and district seem to have their own standards.



I don't have a problem with it. At council events we have corporate sponsor banners every where. At the centennial camporee the entire back of the shirt was covered with sponsors logos.


How many troop trailers have you seen with sponsor logos on them?????? a bunch. My favorite eagle mill trailer has about 40 sponsor logos on the back doors. A greedy, selfish bunch for sure.


I would do it, make sure it is tasteful and not the entire back of the shirt. I view this just like little league shirts with sponsor logos on them. Hopefully your sponsor isn't "Chico's Bail bonds"




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