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NEW ILST syllabus for Troops?

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According to the "Training Times August 2011" I just got from my Council Training Chair.


There is a new syllabus out for "Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST)"


It was a replacement for "Troop Leadership Training".


I replied to my training chair... does he have access to this new syllabus?


Anyone, Anyone, Bueller, Bueller?

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Just scanned the broad outline and I like it. We found the old program quite lacking and had developed our own day-long syllabus which is very similar to this.


Several of the activities are new -- at least new to me -- and we're always interesting in new material.

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My daughter and her friend (one ex- the other current VOA officers) taught ILSC (same as above except for crews). They were less enthused about how things looked on paper.


While my daughter was reviewing the syllabus, she said "where was this when I was trying to be crew president?"

Advisor-dad: "Um, you know that course I was trying to get you all to take but everyone said they had no time for?"

Daughter: "Oh, I wouldn't want to take a course, I just wish someone would have given this to me to read."

Advisor-dad: [Pounds head against wall.]


Fortunately, their students were gung-ho and the training day went quite well.

I sat in on a couple of sessions, and they interacted with the course positively. (On their break, I called it "Woodbadge lite," which got them asking about adult leadership training. It helped them to know that we all come back for this sort of thing -- even if no wood is actually harmed in the process.)


I expect most boys to respond favorably to ILST. If they are from an active troop, they will have expierienced the ups and downs of patrol life more. They're more likely to relate to the material.

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I'm very happy to see reflection back in the syllabus. Not many Scout leaders these days know how to lead a reflection, even though it's explained pretty well in the SM Handbook. It's explained well in this new material, too. I hope Scoutmasters read it and try it. It absolutely works.

I'm glad the authors saw fit to bring back what they'd so gingerly thrown out before.


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Quote of the Day:


Ask the SPL "to mention some of the benefits that a young man can get from Scouting. He will

probably start with the fun thingscamping, hiking, outdoor skills, trips, making friends.

Guide the senior patrol leader toward understanding Scoutings role in developing personal

growththe values of citizenship, character, ideals, and overall fitness."


In other words, the goal of this Troop Method training is to guide the SPL away from the "fun things."


When Scouting was popular it was based on the Patrol Method: PATROL Leader Training, as opposed to "Leadership Skills" for TROOPS.


If you would rather spend your time teaching Patrol Leaders competency in the "fun things"--camping, hiking, and applied outdoor skills, teach them what Green Bar Bill called the "Real" Patrol Method, using his "Patrol Leader Training" course:




Yours at 300 feet,





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