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Maintaining Traditional Advancement Skills?

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I very rarely use "traditional scouting skills" because I need to do so.


Somewhat more often, I use "traditional scouting skills" for some purpose other than an outdoors or camping activity. I've never had to do repairs by using lashings in outer space, but I frequently tie things to the top of the car, where most other people would use a truck to move the object in question. It turns out that "rope" is quite effective to solve many common problems. In fact, I'm surprised that more people don't use it, because most of the times I use it, a granny knot would actually get the job done.


But what I use almost every day is the knowledge that there is probably some simple method that can be used to accomplish a given task, even if the correct tool for the job is unavailable. And I think I mostly learned that in Scouting. Most of the time, these situations have nothing to do with knots, tents, fires, etc.


I was shocked the first time that I heard someone say that they checked into a hotel because the power was out. A Scout would realize that this is a relatively minor inconvenience, and life could go on more or less the same as normal. Many non-scouts don't seem to think that way.

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